Restless {Ashton Irwin}

Ashton and Y/n HATE each other, always have, since they were little:

But what will happen when they both realize that the person they least expected to care, is the only one there?

Read to find out��Thanks��


14. Chapter 14

Hey y'all. this is the update for the brunch and yeahh. <3


Warning: cussing, slight trigger warning?


Y/n's P.O.V


Mom woke me up early Sunday morning and I helped her pack the goods we baked into the car as we sat up front.


"Today seems like it'll be beautiful." She gleamed looking out of the large windshield and starting the car.


"Yeah." I mumbled, checking instagram and other boring things just to keep from falling back asleep.


Today was supposed to be hot so I wore white shorts, a floral print tank-top with black flats and my hair in a bun with some nice but not too much makeup.


"Ms.Irwin will be there!" Mom said almost squealing "We haven't spoke in FOREVER! And little Ashy coming by that one day was just a reminder of how close we use to be!"


I straightened in my seat "Y-you don't think Ashton will come do you?" I asked, checking my appearance in the mirror.


"Why? Got a crush on your oldest friend? About time, I remember when Ashton asked me if he could marry you!" My mom smiled, going on and on about the past. Too bad it's over.


The Irwins and my family didn't know what happened between Ashton and I, all they knew is that we 'slipped away' from growing up.


As we pulled into the empty huge lawn, mom told me what to grab and where to put it and soon enough we had a booth a few feet away from the lot with all of our goods on it.


Just as we were finishing more and more people showed up, by the groups, ending in maybe 200-300 people total, including their families and friends.


Kids were playing soccer and football as the coworkers made small talk and mingled.


A semi-familiar woman came over to our booth and my mom and her immediately hugged... I guess this is Ms.Irwin.


"Wow." She let out, staring at me, "You've gotten so beautiful, I can't believe this! ASHTON SWEETIE, COME HERE!" She called over her shoulder, a few seconds later the tall man-boy appeared behind his mom.


"Wow, Ashton, so handsome, we all knew you'd be a keeper!" My mom exclaimed, eyeing him up and down. I just rolled my eyes and let out a puff of air.


"Ashy, look at Y/n, hasn't she gotten so beautiful?" Ms.Irwin nudged Ashton. We made eye contact and I looked to my feet quickly.


Ashton let out a little hum and 'smiled' nodding along with the parents.


"Remember when Ashton asked my husband and I for Y/n's hand in marriage?" My mom brought up. Of course she had to bring it up.


"OH YES! And when Y/n talked about having a handful of kids and how they'd be the coolest parents!" Ms.Irwin smiled.


Wow, mother overload. I heard someone clear their throat and I looked up to see Ashton nodding his head over to the side and lifting his hands to reveal a picnic basket and I followed him to the shaded area, under a large oak tree, far enough away to forget about the stupid brunch, but close enough to see it all.


"Picnic?" Ashton laughed.


"Of course, better than the 'mommy overload'" I smiled, sitting down beside him.


He just smiled and opened the basket as we made useless small talk, sipping water bottles and eating various fruits.


"Why are you wearing long sleeves? It like 90 degrees out here!" I exclaimed.


He looked slightly irritated that I asked "Because I can, didn't know I needed to ask for permission." He hissed. I immediately felt bad, looking to my lap and biting my lip. "Unless you want me shirtless, because ya'know I'm the hot drummer." He laughed at his cocky statement.


I rolled my eyes "Sandwich, please." I pouted.


He laughed and reached in the basket leaning to give me my sandwich. I was about to grab it, when I noticed the sleeve rolled up a bit, showing small slashes on his golden skin. Cuts. There were cuts on Ashton's arm. STOP STARING Y/N! STOP. STARING! I screamed in my head, but I couldn't. Ashton Fletcher Irwin, schools most popular golden boy, self-harmed? No, no, there's a reason they're there. Cat, maybe? I thought back, trying to remember if I ever saw them before, but Ashton always wears plenty of bracelets.


Ashton's P.O.V


I followed her gaze to my wrist. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. I felt my anger boil


"Take the fucking sandwich and stop staring at me, Y/n." I yelled, throwing the bread full of meat and cheese onto her lap.


She flinched and I stood up "A-Ash-" She started, forgetting the sandwich and standing up with me.


"Back off!" I hissed, pulling down both my sleeves I wish she'd stop staring at me! "Don't call me Ash."


"Where'd you get those cuts, Ashton?" She questioned, ignoring me.


"Please, stop Y/n, go back to eating your sandwich okay? They're cat scratches, I went over to Mikey's and they just got a new cat and she has claws like a mofo." I struggled a laugh.


She let out a sigh and backed away "I wish we could go back, Ashton." She mumbled "Back to when you didn't lie to me all the time." She sighed once more, before leaving, walking back to where we came from.


Who is she to make me tell her? We haven't been close in forever, and NOW she wants to know about me? 'She just pities you' I said to myself. It made sense, so I agreed with myself. She nor anyone else has business knowing what I do or don't do and if I lie or not. My life, my decisions.


Hey guys, I know this was a short update and I'm so sorry, but yeahhh I'm tired. Thoughts on her seeing his cuts? His reaction, saying a cat? Thoughts on what maybe happened as to why Ash and her are no longer close? Comment your thoughts! I'd love to see them! And yes, later, there will be obvious trigger warnings, so here's a warning ahead. Thankyou for reading so far<3 Love y'all



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