Restless {Ashton Irwin}

Ashton and Y/n HATE each other, always have, since they were little:

But what will happen when they both realize that the person they least expected to care, is the only one there?

Read to find out��Thanks��


12. Chapter 12

Hey y'all ;) It's summer now and I know I need to update lol sorry it's been a tough couple of days and now I (finally) updated this story :)


Warning: cussing


Ashton's P.O.V.


I picked up Beverly, Calum, and Maria and we headed to the nearest diner, Beverly in the passanger seat and Cal and Maria in the back.


The ride there was long and no silence, whatsoever.


"I think I'm gonna get the salad. NO! The chef salad, boiled eggs are good for you, you know?" Beverly smiled, looking at all of us for a reply.


"Sure Bev." Maria laughed.


"What are you guys gonna get?" Beverly asked us.


"I'll probably get a burger. I don't know." Calum replied.


"Same, I don't want salad, I want something with taste." Maria laughed.


Calum leaned over and kissed her cheek and they both laughed.


"AWE SO CUTE!" Beverly chirped.


Maria blushed a little and Calum chuckled and looked out the window.


"What will you get Ashton?" Beverly looked at me with glossy eyes.


"" I laughed.


Her face squished.


"What?" I asked.


"Pizza gets REALLY greasy and I mean, no doubt, I LOVE it, but a bit messy ya'know?" She giggled and grabbed my hand, making it hard to steer the wheel.


"Yeah but PIZZA! PIZZA!" I laughed.


She stared blankly at me.


"It's a song Bev" Maria giggled.


"Oh yeah! Forgot you were in a band!!" Beverly looked at the radio and it looked like a bulb went off.


"What?" I asked.


"Haha she's probably wondering if Y/n knows" Maria laughed.


"Does she?" Calum asked.


"NOPE!" Bev and Maria simultaneously said.


"Why not?" Calum asked me.


"I don't know. Never told her. Not like she'd like it anyways, I'm in the band so she'd hate it. Plus last time I talked to her about music we were on her living room floor in our jammies for her birthday a long while ago" I explained.


Maria and Beverly exchanged glances.


"What now?" I asked, stopping at a red light.


"Y/n actually likes the band '5 Seconds of Summer'...she just doesn't know who's in it. She loves the song She Looks So Perfect and sings it all the time" Beverly laughed.


"What? ReaLLY!?" I laughed too loudly.


"Excited Ash?" Calum laughed.


"Well I can't wait to see her face when she finds out I'm the drummer!" I started to drive again. "Invite her to our next gig I WANT TO SEE HER FACE!"


"Okay! I'll text her now, only if we can come too!" Maria winked.


"Of course babe" Calum winked "it's in 2days at the square at 7"


"Just texted it" Maria smiled and we entered the diner for one of the worst dates I've ever experienced.


The whole 'date' consisted of Beverly telling me about her life.




On the drive back, Maria said Y/n 100% agreed to see us play this weekend.


This will be great.


Y/n's P.O.V


I couldn't believe Maria got tickets to see 5sos!


The concert is today and I can't decide what to wear!!!


I had 2 outfits to pick from.


An oversized, gray pullover with galaxy leggings and ballet flats or a navy blue hoodie and faded jeans with combat boots.


I chose the latter since it was supposed to be quite chilly and I went to do my makeup.


I heard the guys in 5sos were hot so I did my best mascara and eyeliner and threw in some lipgloss.


I didn't wanna "over do it".


*Buzz buzz*

I checked my phone and Maria said she'd be by in a few to get me.


I ran downstairs, hugged my parents, and sipped on a bottle of water until I heard the doorbell.


I skipped outside and followed Maria to her car, which already had Beverly in the back seat.


"I'm so excited, my heart hurts." I laughed.


"Really? You don't even know the band..." Beverly sassed.


To be honest, this was my first concert, or gig or whatever...I was really excited and now I felt a little bad about it.


"Leave her alone Bev, she likes their music and that's all that matters...right Y/n?" Maria awkwardly smiled.


"Yeah." I smiled and we drove off to the gig.


We arrived at the square and I couldn't believe my eyes.


There weren't that many people here but the set was gorgeous.


Bev and Maria dragged me to the front as we waited for the luxurious band to arrive.


"Thankyou everybody for coming! Next up, 5 seconds of summer!" The MC announced, followed by many hollers.


The 4 boys went straight to their instruments and I was dumbstruck.


They looked fantastic.


Maria and Beverly kept exchanging glances at me and to each other but I kept my eyes on the hot tamales in front.


Ashton's P.O.V


I made the guys and I dress up in our 'Don't Stop' costumes so Y/n wouldn't recognize us at first.


I wanted to see her face when we ended the show.


Y/n's P.O.V


They started a song I didn't know called 'Don't Stop' and I swayed my hips to the beat.


They looked damn good in their 'super hero' costumes. 


"Thank you everyone for coming out, our next and final song will be 'She Looks So Perfect'" The lead singer announced.


I applauded and I knew deep down I knew that voice but I brushed it off.


At the end all 4 boys came to the front and did some kind of pose and I noticed how hot the drummer was.


"How'd you like it Y/n?" Bev asked.


"Well...The drummers hot. Who is he?" I asked kinda loud because the screaming was very loud.


Beverly was about to respond but she was interrupted.


"WhAT?" The lead singer called out.


I immediately looked up on the stage as the 4 boys took off their masks.


I knew I knew his voice...Luke.


He just heard my call his bandmate hot...


I looked at the rest of the band, I knew them all.


Michael Clifford was the guitarist? Calum on bass?


Then I knew the name I was looking for...


Ashton fucking Irwin was the 'hot drummer'.


My face turned a crimson red as he smirked down at me.


That's all for now:) lol oops? Do y'all ship Bev and Ash? ;) haha anyways, thankyou for reading so far<3 Love y'all










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