Restless {Ashton Irwin}

Ashton and Y/n HATE each other, always have, since they were little:

But what will happen when they both realize that the person they least expected to care, is the only one there?

Read to find out��Thanks��


11. Chapter 11

Hey y'all! ;) sorry it's been a while guys, lots and lots of stuff to do :/ I seriously love y'all for being so patient <3 so this one's a little longer  :)


Warning: cussing




When I went back to school I was annoyed to say the least.


I would have to face both Ashton and Lucas.


I rolled my eyes and sighed as Maria texted me to let me know she was on her way to pick me up.


I was dressed down today, an over-sized hoodie and leggings with brown, fuzzy boots would have to do.


I pulled my hair up in a bun at the top of my head and applied light mascara and lip balm.


I didn't feel like putting anything else on so I grabbed my book bag and phone and went down stairs to wait for Mari.


"Hello dear." My mom smiled.


I just smiled and nodded back.


"Why are you dressed like this today?" She asked.


I rolled my eyes "I'm lazy and I don't care how I look today." It was kinda a lie, even when lazy, all girls cared if they looked terrible or not.


"Okay then." She giggled, handing me toast.


"Not that hungry, mom but thankyou." I smiled.




I don't know if Mari knew or not, but she probably woke up people every morning with her honks.


"I love you" I called out.


"Love you too! EAT SOMETHING LATER!" She called as I shut the door.


"Hello Miss." Maria winked.


"Oh howdy there." I smiled and stepped in the car.


"To school, babe?" She smirked, starting to drive off.


I sighed. "I wish not."


She laughed and turned on the radio to wake us both up.


"And that was Katy Perry's 'Roar', next up, 'Centuries' by Fall Out Boy." The radio called.




"...HEAVY METAL BROKE MY" We both did 2 claps "HEART!" and laughed, because that was one of our favorite parts.


We arrived to school by the time 'Centuries' and 'Sugar' had played.


I sighed loudly and looked to Maria. "Do we seriously have to come today?"


"Y/N, MARIA!" Someone called.


It caught both our attention, as we saw Beverly running to the car.


"ASHTON, HEY." She smiled, waving behind us, completely ignoring us.


We both looked back, getting out of the car and saw Ashton pulling in with his.


As he was driving you could see him mouthing the lyrics to the song on the radio.


He got out in style, putting his sunglasses on to protect his hazel eyes from the harmful sun.


I coughed to get Beverly's attention.


"Oh, yeah, umm heyy." She smiled, still watching Ashton from the corner of her eye.


"How could you like Ashton?" I asked, staring at him as well.


"Y/n, I know you like, HATE him or whatever, but he's hot and nice and cool, and I don't know..." She trailed off smiling.




I heard Beverly talking about me as I walked in front of her, Maria, and Y/n.


"How could you like Ashton?" Y/n asked.


I rolled my eyes, as I imagined the disgust wash across her face.


".......he's hot and nice and cool, and I don't know..." Is all I heard and I grinned to myself.


"Ashton!" called a soft voice from behind me.


I knew it was Beverly so I ignored her, making her want my attention even more.


"ASH!" I stopped dead in my tracks.


Not a lot of people called me Ash anymore.


Just my mates, and Y/n used to call me it all the time.


"Y-Yeah?" I asked turning around to the 3 girls.


Beverly blushed and smiled while Y/n and Maria looked horrified Beverly called me.


"Wanna hang out sometime?" Beverly asked me, blinking her eyes like a puppy.


I wasn't very attracted to girls like her.


Beverly is very pretty, just not...Beautiful.


"With who?" I asked, hoping she'd add more than just us.


"Well, like a date, OR like maybe since Maria is with Calum and Y/n's dating Luke we can have a triple date." She smiled.


I looked at the other girls.


"I never said I was WITH Calum, Bev." Maria laughed "He's hot, yeah, but I need to kick Luke's ass first."


My eyes widened as I struggled to laugh "W-why?"


Y/n elbowed Maria's side. "Nu uh, it was fine."


"Whatever, anyways, I'm sure Y/n doesn't want another date with Luke at the moment." Maria laughed looking at me.


"Double date then?" Beverly said, hope filling her eyes.


"I'm not leaving Y/n at home alone!" Maria said sternly.


Y/n bit her lip. "It's fine, you guys have fun." she 'smiled'.


"You sure?" Beverly asked.


"Yeah." Y/n sighed.


Beverly shrugged and Maria sighed.


Did Beverly really believe her? She didn't look sure at all.


"So double date tonight." Beverly smiled.


I just shrugged. A date with Beverly couldn't be 'that' bad.


"Fine." Maria sighed again.


Y/n just looked down, biting her lip.


I stared for a while too long and Beverly coughed, raising both, Y/n's and my head.


"I need to head to 1st period." Y/n said 'smiling' and walking past me to the school doors.


"Me too" Maria left, leaving just Beverly and myself.


I just smirked to Bev to make her blush and I walked away.




I went to 1st period and sat down before the bell, as kids flowed in.


I dreaded 4th period with Luke and Ashton, which meant every class till then sped by.


Through out the day people seemed to care less about the rumor Ashton and Michael spread.


I lazily walked in and sat in my seat, opening my notebook to take the notes given on the board, already.


The bell rang and Ashton and Luke ran in.


"Sorry, athletics ran late." Luke heaved.


They were both really sweaty, red, hot, and still in their black skinny jeans but now a white tank so they could cool off.


I felt as if I was practically drooling. "DONT!" I yelled to myself.


Luke came and sat beside me, winking.


I guess he thought our date went wonderfully.


Ashton looked confused on where to sit so he sat behind Luke.


"Okay class, the only thing for today is copying these notes, We have 2 more days till the end of the 6 weeks so I don't need anymore grades, copy these notes and you can socialize." Our teacher said, sitting down at his computer.


There were only 8 definitions so everyone was quickly done and began chatting


"So how are you baby?" Luke asked me, smiling.


I slowly turned to face him and faked a smile "Fine, you?"


"Great, our date was lovely right?" He grinned.


"Yeahhh." I mumbled.


"We should have another soon." He winked.


"Mhm." I 'smiled'


"Awkward..." Ashton laughed from behind us.


I laughed a little, because it was true, I feel very awkward.


"Dumb ass." Luke mumbled.


"Why so mad, we're mates." Ashton grinned.


"You smell like a dog." Luke scoffed.


To be completely honest with myself, Ashton looked way hotter than Luke right now.


I don't know if it was the lines of sweat on his heated face, or his muscular figure being complimented by the tight tank, but I felt like I needed to get a drink of fresh, cold water.


"Eh, as do you pal." Ashton winked.


I guess I was staring at Ashton too long because Luke coughed to get my attention back.


"Hmm?" I asked being brought out of a hot and sweaty daydream 'EW!' my mind said yet my fantasies were in denial.


"Wanna go for another date, possibly tonight with Maria, Cal, Bev, and Ash?" Luke asked with a wide smile.


"Ash?" I asked before I could stop myself.


Ashton shot his head up in complete shock, staring at me.


"Yeah..ya'know Ashton, the guy sitting right behind me, it's okay, you could've been distracted by my looks, right?" Luke winked.


I blinked a few times. "Y-yeah." I faked a laugh and kept my eyes off Ashton.


"Thought so." Luke winked again.


"By how much you wink, a stranger would think you had an eye twitch." Ashton laughed.


"Shut the fuck up Irwin." Luke laughed too. "So tonight?"


I bit my lip debating it. "No, I have to do something tonight."


"Something? What kind of something?" Luke asked.


"I don't think that's really your place to ask." I mumbled.


I blushed a little but didn't take back my words.


"Well I AM your boyfriend." Luke kinda shouted.


"Dude, she's probably gonna clean the dumb ass house, her mistake." Ashton said, shrugging.


I rolled my eyes. Well at least no more questions.


"Oh." Luke sighed. "I wanna do something fun, Y/n you're never fun!" He pouted.


It kinda hurt. I thought I was fun. Luke knows how to really get to me.


I was expecting a reply from Ashton about him agreeing but I heard nothing.


Soon the bell rang and lunch rolled around rather quickly.


"Y/N SIT OVER HERE!" Luke smiled pointing beside him.


Maria followed, and as did Beverly.


I sat on one side of Luke and on the other was Michael, Directly across from us, Beverly and Maria sat between Ashton and Calum, Maria by Cal, and Bev by Ashton, leaving Bev directly in front of me and Ashton to her right.


He was too close, even though the rumors died down, he was terrible to start them in the first place.


Although I had gotten food, I just sat with my hands between my legs, waiting to throw away.


No way I could eat in front of Luke again. Or anyone for that matter, what if what I had on the plate was too much? Then I'd look like a pig.


"Why aren't you eating Y/n?" Beverly asked as she finished her flirty convo with Ashton.


I shrugged. "Not hungry"


"Not hungry, my ass, you had no breakfast this morning, yesterday you ate nothing but a small dinner." Maria listed.


"I'm fine, Mari." I 'smiled'.


I felt the whole tables' eyes on me.


I sighed, got up, and went to throw away my food.


When I got back, the table was still staring, but Luke.


"She ate on our date, right Y/n?" Luke smiled.


I nodded a 'yes', even though I had maybe 2 bites.


"See? She's fine." Luke smiled, proudly.


"My fucking ass, she's fine." Maria mumbled which cause Calum to whisper in her ear.


I smiled to myself, I want that.


When I'd get mad, I want someone to whisper to me to get me to calm down.


"You sure you're okay?" Bev asked.


"Yep." I said a little too quickly.




I stared at Y/n, eyeing her every move.


No way she's okay.


Maria knows all about her and if Mari says she hasn't eaten, she hasn't.


I grabbed my apple off my plate and put it in my leather jacket.


When lunch ended, I followed Y/n to her locker.


"Here" I rolled my eyes acting annoyed.


"What?" She asked looking at the apple in my hand.


"Eat." I moved my hand forward.


"Not. Hungry." She stated.


"Liar." I rolled my eyes. I, now, was annoyed. Why was she not eating?


"Ash-Ashton." She corrected herself. "I'm not hungry, throw it away."


I loved when she called me Ash. She had called me Ash before my parents did, before anyone did.


"Why aren't you hungry?" I asked.


"There's this thing Ashton, it's called hunger, and right now, I do not have it." She said slowly, as she slammed her locker shut.


"So you want me to throw it away?" I asked, she was hungry, I knew she was, anyone would be.


"Yes." She bit her lip.


"Stop biting your god damn lip, it's fucking annoying" I shouted.


She quickly let go and smirked, doing it again, just to piss me off.


I rolled my eyes. "Pestering bitch." I laughed, throwing away the apple.


She laughed, a real laugh, one I haven't heard all day.


"Going to class?" I asked as the bell was 2minutes from ringing.


"Yeah..." She sighed walking off to our last period of the day as I followed behind.


That's all for tonight, hopefully sometime this weekend I'll update again, but if not, I'll try soon. As you can tell there's some tension between Ash and Y/n ;) lol anyhoo, thankyou for reading so far<3 Love y'all 













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