Restless {Ashton Irwin}

Ashton and Y/n HATE each other, always have, since they were little:

But what will happen when they both realize that the person they least expected to care, is the only one there?

Read to find out��Thanks��


10. Chapter 10

Hey guys:) It's been a while :/ but I'm back to update this for y'all:)






I got up later than usual today.


I felt...Happy, calm.


Today was my date with Luke.


Ashton's P.O.V


I woke up earlier than usual.


I didn't know what I felt...Regret?


I knew she hated me, now it's worse.




I got up and checked my phone.






'Get up whore:P-Maria'


'Wanna have lunch instead of dinner? I'm starving! :)-Luke'


'FR chika, get yo ass up!-Maria'


I texted Maria back first.


'I am now, thanks bitch :('


She responded quickly 




I texted Luke back.


'Sounds great, noon?'


I smiled to myself at his response. 


';) I'll pick you up-Luke'




I checked the time; '10:00' 


"Shit!" I mumbled.


I got out of bed and headed to the shower.


I got out and scurried to find decent clothes.


I finally decided on black skinnies and a Batman shirt with my converse.


'Almost there:)-Luke'


I sighed and grabbed my phone, running down the stairs.


"Take some money just in case, sugar." My mom smiled at me.


"Who's taking you out Y/n?" My dad asked coming out of the kitchen.


"Just Luke." I smiled.


"What about that kid that came over the other day?" He asked.


"Ah yes, Little Irwin?" My mom smiled.


"NO!" I said louder than expected, "Haha...Uhm, no, not Ash...Ashton." I corrected myself.


"I remember when you guys were so little and you guys went EVERYWHERE together, so cute." My mom smiled and put her hand to her heart.


"Ashton Irwin?" My dad asked.


"I'm going on a date with Luke Hemmings, he's a friend of Ashton's..." I said.


"Oh." My dad smiled. "Okay, I need to go to work, I love you my precious girls, have a good day!" He called and left.




"He's, Luke, he's here." I smiled, putting my phone in my back pocket.


"Have fun darling." My mom called as I shut the door behind me.


As I stepped out the door I almost collided with Luke's body.


"H-hey" He smiled. blushing a little.


"Hi." I smiled as we walked to his car.


He got in on his side and started the car, leaving me standing outside the car.


I was waiting for him to open the door for me...guess not.


I stepped into the car, by myself, and we drove off.


"I like your shirt." Luke laughed.


"Thanks?" I asked.


"It's a date ya'know." He laughed again.


"I know...but it's lunch, not dinner..." I said feeling under dressed now.


"It's fine." He laughed.


I didn't understand the problem of me in casual clothing, because Luke, himself, was in black skinnies and his Nirvana shirt.


"Here!" He smiled, turning off the car.


He got out and waited by the front door of the diner.


I sat in the car and rolled my eyes, opening the door, again, myself and following after him.


He opened the door and walked in, almost making the door hit my nose.


I sighed. "This date, is not going well, at all..." I mumbled.


"Hmm baby?" Luke asked, turning around.


"Nothing Luke." I 'smiled'.


We sat down and made small talk, until the waitress came and asked what we wanted.


"What'd ya like darlin'?" The pretty lady asked with a large smile.


"I'll take a cheeseburger and a Dr.Pepper Doll." Luke smiled.


She giggled and wrote it down, walking off.


She didn't even get my order...


"Umm, ma'am?" I asked when she came back with Luke's drink.


"What dear?" She asked 'smiling'


"Can I please tell you my order and drink?" I asked politely.


"Don't be rude about it, Y/n, she must've forgotten." Luke smiled.


She blushed and asked me my order.


I told her and she left, swaying her hips.


The waitress came back later with our food and my drink. "Here ya go. Enjoy." she winked and left.


"All that by yourself?" Luke asked, pointing to my plate.


I looked down at my plate, and bit my lip. "No...?" I said more as a question.


"Just trying to make me pay more huh?" He laughed taking a bite of his burger.


"No I-" I tried to say but was cut off by the waitress, coming back, yet again, with more napkins, and leaving.


"Thanks." I mumbled, taking a sip of my drink.


She came back with the bill and stood waiting for us to pay.


"I only have enough for my burger, so Y/n, mind paying for yours?"He smiled handing the lady money for his food.


"No...I don't mind..." I sighed and handed over the $20 my mom gave me 'just in case' this morning.


The lunch date was finally coming to a close.


I had, maybe a bite of my food, that looked SO delicious and 3 sips of my Coke.


"I'm stuffed!" Luke smiled wide as we left.


Myself, opening the door, for him, to walk through.


We got to his car and we got in our separate side, like we had, coming here and sped off.


We pulled into my driveway and Luke leaned in and kissed my lips.


I sort of kissed back, highly surprised by his dominance while he tried to stick in his tongue, which I refused.


"Thanks for lunch." I 'smiled' and got out of the car, yet again, alone, and walked up to my front door.


I looked back to wave goodbye, to see Luke had already sped away, and went inside with a sigh.


It was about 3:00 now and I felt exhausted.


"How was the date?" My mom asked.


"Fine." I said.


"Oh, okay, Maria's upstairs waiting for you." Mom smiled and left me to clean.


I walked up the stairs and opened my bedroom door to reveal Maria on my bed, watching my t.v.


"About time." Maria laughed turning off the t.v.


I didn't laugh and just shut the door behind me.


"What happened?" she asked.


"It was terrible." I mumbled.


"What was terrible? The food?" she pushed on.


"The date, it was horrid. I opened the door for myself the WHOLE time and he flirted with the waiter, and OH GOD I'M STARVING!" I complained.


"Why are you starving, you just ate." She asked, concerned.


"Yeah, like a bite of my lunch and a couple sips of Coke." I rolled my eyes.


"Why'd you only eat that?" She asked giggling.


"Luke said it was a lot of food, so I felt like it was too, and OH GOD MARI IT LOOKED SO GOOD AND I DIDN'T EAT IT AND GAH I'M STARVING!" I whined.


"I'll treat you to dinner, chill, okay?" She smiled, hugging me. "I knew he was an ass."


I laughed and rolled my eyes, hugging her back.


"But I still like him Mari..." I stated


"I know, just next date, make sure you eat something or ditch him." She laughed.


That's all for tonight, spring break is coming up, so I'll be updating my stories during that time, and I hope you liked this update, and sorry it's kinda short, but I have A LOT planned for the future so :) Thankyou for reading so far<3 Love y'all












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