Restless {Ashton Irwin}

Ashton and Y/n HATE each other, always have, since they were little:

But what will happen when they both realize that the person they least expected to care, is the only one there?

Read to find out��Thanks��


1. Chapter 1

Hey :) This is my 3rd story I've written! Hopefully y'all like it! :)


Maria-Your bestfriend




I woke up at 2a.m like usual.


My insomnia destroying any hope of a good night sleep and my paranoia disturbing peace.


Every day's the same.


*Ding Ding*


My phoned dinged making me jump at the sudden noise. I checked it and it was a message from Maria.


"You up?"


I texted back immediately. "Always am..."


"Wanna talk?"


"I don't even care anymore..." I responded now sitting up in bed ready for a long convo with my bestest friend ever.


"Don't be like that y/n..."


"Tomorrow's back to school Maria, why couldn't Winter break last forever :(?" I asked smiling at my crying emoji.


"IKR! I kinda like school tho!"


"I USED to...I only enjoy the classes except 4,5,6,7,8..." I rolled my eyes.


"Those are your classes with Ashton right?"


"He who shall not be named. :D" I laughed quietly.


"Ugh-He's hot tho y/n, like I'd totally hit that;)"


"EW! NO NO NO STOP MARIA!" I laughed disgusted.


"I WOULD! I mean if he wasn't such an asshole to my bestfriend :("


"Yeah..." I replied. "I'm gonna attempt to go back to sleep, night;)"


"Okay babe ;) Text me if you need me! Night!"


I laughed and plugged up my phone to charge while I 'slept'


I rolled over and pulled the covers to my chin.


I rolled back over and played my album of music on my phone.


I couldn't sleep well without music...The music would stop me from hearing my thoughts.


That's all for tonight! 'like' it, 'favorite' it, 'fan' me, or whatever! If you like it, don't hesitate to leave a comment! I'll update when I can! Thankyou for reading so far<3 Love y'all





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