Broken Mirrors|HarryStyles FanFiction

"Just minuets after midnight on the 23rd February, the police discovered the body of Harry Styles. His parents never found. There's one question that everyone wants to know, what happened to Harry Styles and where is his family now?"


4. Chapter 4

Clovers POV - on the plain.

While I was waiting for the plane to take off - did I mention Mr Smith put me in freaking first class. Anyway while I was waiting I decided to get the boys folder out, I must say I found it weird how Mr Smith got the file I mean from the police .. I wonder. I opened the file ..

'Harry Edward Styles'

'Born 1st February 1952'

'Died 23rd February 1570'

I never knew he died so close to his birthday, it's like what kind of person in the right mind would kill anyone anyways.

"Hello love." I nearly hid under the freaking seat, I looked to my right to see an old ish man -looked like he was in his 70s sitting down next to me. I smiled at him before quickly putting the file away. "So where you off to?", why are old people so nebby these days.

"Cheshire", he smiled.

"Ah Cheshire, I lived there when I was a boy loved it.", I smiled. He seemed to be having a flash back. "What might be your business in Cheshire?", I smiled again.

"I'm a journalist got to write an article about the Styles Mansion." He seemed to tense when I mentioned it. "Are you alright Mr ..?"

"Yes .. Yes .. Im fine, it was just a shock I was nothing but a boy when that happened." I was shocked.

"You were there? But that's impossible? Did you know them?", I kept asking him question after question hoping for answers.

"Child, your not safe in that house. You mustn't go, it's not safe." I didn't know what to say?

"What do you mean?"

"I will tell you something, but you have to promise me you won't tell a soul?" I nodded my head.

"I was almost 18 when it happened. Turing into a man they called it in them days, I knew Harry. He was the most charming,lovely boy you would ever meet, he had everything from money to girls. Some say he was a player to me he was a great friend even if he had loads of girls around him. When I heard the news about his family, I was in shock I mean everyone in town liked the Styles. They were big, celebrity's you call them now I guess." He seemed to laugh, he looked like he was going down memory lane but the closer we got to the murder the sadder his face would go. "Like I said it was a shock to the whole town when we heard the news, the way Harry died it was awful. I can't imagine the pain he went through, but you must listen child. His parents loved him. They didn't kill him I'm sure of that, as soon as they announced that his parents could have been the murders my family and myself flee. We went for a better life to forget the pain and to start fresh, I've been back to the house it hasn't changed. It's almost like his soul is still there.."

"Ladies and Gentlemen, please put your belts back on as we have arrived at are destination. We thank you for flying with us and we hope you have a nice holiday." That went fast, I looked at the old man and he smiled.

As I was getting my stuff ready to leave the plane I felt someone tap my shoulder. I looked right to see it was the old man. "Love, if you end up going to the house. Will you go to his room and place this on his bed." I looked down to see it was a locket. "Oh and love, things aren't always what they seen." Now where the hell have I heard that before. I was about to ask him another question but he was gone - for a old man he can walk fast but what did he mean 'things aren't always what they seen' I looked down at the locket to see two letters printed on it.

"L.T" I said aloud. I was confused what was that man to Harry, this just keep getting more confusing.

I walked off the plane to smell the fresh air, god New York doesn't smell this good. It was time for my questions to be answered and I'm sure as hell going to find out what happened.

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