Broken Mirrors|HarryStyles FanFiction

"Just minuets after midnight on the 23rd February, the police discovered the body of Harry Styles. His parents never found. There's one question that everyone wants to know, what happened to Harry Styles and where is his family now?"


3. Chapter 3

Clovers POV -

I was now on my way to tell Mr Smith that I will go to the 'Styles Mansion'. I was terrified, I've read loads of articles over the past three days, the one that freaked me out was the one Chris told me over the phone.

Flashback - two days.

I was looking on the internet to see if I could find out anymore information when I heard my phone ringing.

"Hello?", I didn't even look at the caller ID -shit what if it's a perv.

"Hello baby girl", I breathed a sigh of relief it was just Chris.

"What do you want Chris?"

"Gee and there's me thinking you missed me?"

"Awh don't be so sad, I've just been busy that's all."

"I know I heard. You got the big case the 'Styles mansion'." I was confused I didn't tell anyone about it.

"How do you know?"

"I got told at work yesterday, the hole firm knows about it? I heard your Mr Smiths favourite." I scrunched my face up.

"No I'm not, anyways have you heard of the house all I've heard is that, they never found the killer and still to this day they got nothing. I mean come on there must be something and what fucked up person takes the skin off someone when their already dead." I was rambling on and on.

"Clover, god everyone was right you are good for this case. I don't know much but I've heard stuff about it, I just wanted to tell you to be careful." I rolled my eyes.

"Why would I need to be careful, I'm not stupid I know what I'm doing." I snapped.

"No not like that. I mean strange things happen in that house, you should search it clover I want you to be sure that you know everything before you go." I sighed.

"I know, I'm sorry for snapping at you Chris it's just this is big for me." I heard him sigh.

"It's fine. Look Clover I have to go, I've got too visit my mother." I laughed she was always a nut job.

"Good luck with that one. Bye. " with that I hung up. What did he mean 'strange things happen In that house' I was confused to say the least.

Flash back over

Now I knew what he meant I read an article that a boy had been seen around the house, that freaked me out. I've never believed in ghosts, but to hear that things have been moved around and music has been played by no one freaked me out. I finally decided to grow some balls and find out what the hell is happening in that house, so that leads to why I'm in front of Mr Smiths office right now waiting.

"Come in?", I took a deep breath before walking in, I was greeted by Mr Smith smiling at me. "Ah Clover it's nice to see you again, I suggest you have an answer for me?", I nodded before taking a seat.

"I have, it wasn't easy after learning the history Mr Smith you never told me what actually happened their. However when I learned about it, I felt a pull towards the house like I had to find out what happened? Who killed the boy? So my answer is yes I will goo." He smiled before laughing.

"I knew you would find the case interesting, I also new you would have questions but I believe the house has your answers. I believe what ever is in that house or whoever has the information you will find it. So that is why I'm extending your trip, you will spend two weeks in the house, you can stay some nights but you have to leave some." I smiled. "But if anything happens Clover any strange movements, you call me and I'll fly you back here straight away!" Did I mention I was traveling to Cheshire from New York.

"Thank you sir, is there anything else you need before I go?", he smiled before nodding handing me a file over.

"This has the boys information in, what he was like I got it from the police. Keep it safe and make sure nobody sees you with it, oh and you fly out tomorrow at 2pm which means you will arrive at 6pm it's then your choice if you visit then or the next day. Thank you for doing this for me." I smiled before getting up and walking out the office.

"Good luck Clover." I smiled at Emily before the elevator doors shut. One thing was on my mind? I must find out what happened to the boy and his family.

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