Broken Mirrors|HarryStyles FanFiction

"Just minuets after midnight on the 23rd February, the police discovered the body of Harry Styles. His parents never found. There's one question that everyone wants to know, what happened to Harry Styles and where is his family now?"


2. Chapter 2

Clovers POV -

"Can I help you my dear?", I jumped. She must be the Liberian she had long grey hair,dull blue eyes and a kind of hippy style clothes. She smiled at me -crap she's just seem me look her up and down. I smiled.

"Yeah, I'm looking for anything on urm ..." , shit what was I looking for again? "Oh yeah the Styles case? Do you have anything?", she looked up and smiled before nodding.

"Yes I do, but what do you want with that?" What a nebby old woman.

"I'm a journalist, I'm here finding information out before I go to the house itself." She looked sceptical.

"Haven't you heard about the mansion itself?", I shuck my head 'no' "we'll dear you let me know if your going to go, the articles are in the back", she then smiled and walked off. What a weird old lady and what did she mean 'haven't you heard about the mansion itself' I shuck my head before going to the back of the library. There it was all the articles from different years I skimmed my fingers over the pages, I'm surprised they haven't rotted away.

Once I grabbed a chair I sat down and skimmed through the dates, '80s,70s,60s,50s finally.' While I was looking through all the different dates they all seemed happy, like in that time they had no need to worry. I skimmed past dates but landed on the title I've wanted to know about since Mr Smith mentioned it. '

'The Styles Murder' 26th February

'Nobody new what happened? What did happen to the Styles family?, many people have wanted answers but they have never been found.

On a tragic night in February the police got a strange phone call, according to the police they could hear screaming and pleading for help. Sherif Nicholson at the time had no idea what to do, or where the phone call came from?'

That's strange how come they didn't know who the phone call was from? This just gets more weird as I read on, I decided to skip that article and go to the next one.

'What really happened to the Styles Family' 28th February

'Harry Styles found dead at scene, found hung in his closet with his body half cut up. Looked like someone had scratched the left side if his body out.'

What in the world? What fucked up person would do that?

'His parents bodies never found. Still to this day nobody could find them, was it them that killed their own son?'

1st March 'The case of the Styles Family'

'Just 9 days after the murder of Harry Styles his case has been closed, no clues have been found. No evidence to suggest who the killer might be, to say we lost some great people would be an understatement.'

Why would they close it so early? This doesn't make any seance?

"You look puzzled my dear?", I jumped only to see the old woman looking at me.

"I .. I just.. It just doesn't make seance to me why would they close the case 9 days later, surly they could have found at least something?", she smiled at me before saying something I would never forget.

"Things aren't always what they seem."

I knew then and there that I had to go to the Styles mansion. Not just for my own curiosity but for answers, answers that have never been found.

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