Love from the start

Johnlock fan fiction.
If it can be shipped, ship it
Words of wisdom from the author doctor whovian


3. Surprising Mrs Hudson

We sit and talk for a while. We walk around until we get hungry."Sherlock we should get back to Mrs Hudson she has been worrying about me since well Mary..." I fade off awkwardly into an even more awkward silence.

"What is wrong John"

"Never mind that we need to tell Mrs Hudson you are alive she will be thrilled"

"Okay but you better tell me what's going on later" we hop in a cab and ride home leaning against each other. When we get to the door 221B I open the door and we slowly go up the steps. Before we even get to the kitchen where Mrs Hudson is making tea she yells "Oh john your back and is that a friend you... Oh dear God Sherlock your alive" and she runs to hug Sherlock and hugs him almost in tears. "Oh Sherlock you must tell everyone like Greg and Mycroft"

"Okay Mrs Hudson I'll phone them. And john can we talk later about whatever your hiding"

"Okay Sherlock" Mrs Hudson is still overwhelmed by Sherlock being alive but I think she would have to be blind not to see the beams of love between Sherlock and me. But thankfully she doesn't mention it. When Greg and Mycroft get here it seems Mycroft already knew but Greg swears a bit and punches Sherlock but when he comes to his senses he awkwardly hugs Sherlock and apologizes. Then we drink a bit of tea and they leave.

"Now John what's wrong?"

"It's just I had a girlfriend...Mary"


"Yes Sherlock, don't be so nieve will you let me continue?" He nods "as I was saying Mary, I was about to propose but she broke up with me before I could"

"What about me?"

"You were dead Sherlock"

"Well I guess it was Mary's loss. But John seriously are you alright?"

"I am as long as I'm with you Sher"

"Sher? I like it." He smiles at me and lightly kisses my head. We talk for a while longer and I light the fire. Me and Sherlock sit on the couch, his arm slung behind my back bringing me closer to him in a tight embrace. I fall asleep at some point and my head rests against Sherlock as I sleep the best I have since he "died".

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