Love from the start

Johnlock fan fiction.
If it can be shipped, ship it
Words of wisdom from the author doctor whovian


2. Alive

1 year and 364 days after Sherlocks death john proposed to his girlfriend Mary. And I know what your thinking a day before Sherlocks death anniversary but John felt Sherlock would be happy for him.Then John had his heart broken again as she turns him down because she has another boyfriend. He storms of, shoving the ring in his pocket. John so heart broken, can not go back to his own flat so he decides to go back to 221b Baker Street. When he knocks on the foot Mrs Hudson and is greeted by a welcoming hug. John tells Mrs Hudson what happened and she of course lets him stay the night.

Early the next morning John goes to Sherlocks grave. As he arrives there he closes his eyes to try not to cry. Then someone picks him up, twirls him around, and kisses his upon the lips. As he opens his eyes he sees Sherlocks sweet eyes and rests his head on his shoulder. Then the disbelief kicks in, john wipes a tear from his eye and says " but you were dead"

" I had to save you" he responds with another kiss.

Without thinking I kiss him back. Now is not the time to ask questions it is time to be grateful that the universe answered my prayers. I prayed every night for one last miracle for Sherlock not to be dead. Well I guess my wishing wasn't for nothing, my Sherlock was back. And yes finally he is MY Sherlock after denying it for so long I realized that Sherlock never once said I wasn't his boyfriend. Right there and then I realized Sherlock had always loved me and I had always loved him. I wonder back to every time I denied being his boyfriend, did it break his heart thinking I didn't love him the way he loved me? So right then I have to say "Sherlock Holmes was always my boyfriend"

"Took you long enough to realize john" he whispers jokingly "but I love you all the same" I warm up inside as he cradles me in his arms with a confident grip and I know that I definitely love him.

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