YouTube Girl

Jazmine and Macy are best friends and both have millions of subscribers on YouTube. They go on tours and are living their dream lives well almost until Calum Hood moves across the street and all the guys hang at his place. They all become good friends and maybe a little bit more! Read to find out what happens! ~Kylie XOXO


10. WAR!

~Jazmine's POV~

"Hello everyone!" I smiled at my camera to my fans/ viewers/ subscribers.

"Today we will be doing a game! But for this game we need some more people? Am I right? So please... everyone please come over here so we can get this started and play a game!" I cheered waving over everyone. Which insisted Macy, Michael, Calum, Luke, Ashton, Brooke and Anna.

"I am sure most of you know my best friend Macy right here next to me! She has her own channel and if you aren't subscribed to her you are crazy so go check her out! The link to her channel will be down below along with all of her other social media links!" I then smiled to the camera and took a breath.

"Now I know most of you know who FIVE SECONDS OF SUUUUUMER is! They also have a YouTube channel! So subscribe there and then I will have all of their social media links! Oh and if you guys haven't been on my Instagram and Twitter you may not know that Luke is my brother! Crazy right? Yeah it's a long story and if you want we can make a video about it." I then paused again.

"Last but not least Anna and Brooke! These two freaks are some of my best friends. They do not have a YouTube but they both have social medias I will have linked below!" I breathed out. Wow a long intro!

"Now lets get into the real video!" Then everyone started yelling and hollering! Of course.

"Today we will be doing some twister but not any twister! We will have two twister boards and what will happen is each spot will have a hug blob of paint on it! There will be two teams! One per board or whatever you want to call it. The team to last the longest wins... now you are probably asking about he spinner. I have made an automatic spinner it will randomly spin every 45 seconds there is a voiceover that I made for when it stops it says what it landed on! Now you know the rules so lets go outside and play out game of EXTREEEEME Twister!" Then I let it role for a second and then got up to stop my camera from filming.

"Wow what an intro Jazz gosh!" Whined Calum.

We then started to set up a few cameras one above, one on each team and one showing both teams. Then I went in front of the one with both teams. Everyone was split up at there mats with the paint on the colorful circles.

"Okay guys we are set up outside and the teams are split up. I am going to click on my computer to start the game. I added a 30 second timer so I can get in my position and the teams are for sure ready." I clicked the mouse pad and the time began. I walked over next to Mikey and stood there with Macy on my other side and Cal next to her. The other team was Anna, Brooke, Luke and Ash. My computer then announced...

"Spin, one red left hand." Everyone bent down and touched there hands into the paint at the same time.

"Spin, two blue right foot." We all then moved into our new position.

The game continued for a while and 12 rounds has passed. The backyard was a mess with paint all over from people falling. The last 3 people in is Mikey, Ash for the opposing team and me. It is getting very hard because we are covered in paint making everything very slippery.

I am not sure what position Ash is in. I can tell you that Mikey and I are tangled together. My left arm is wrapped in with his right. My left leg is under him while his right leg is over me. Our faces are inches apart, too. I am tempted to kiss him right now but I know I can't. He can't like me.

"Spin, right foot red." We all moved the all of the sudden I heard a splat and thump. Ashton has fallen.

"Well shit! Sorry guys" yeah ash is definitely a sore loser.

"Haha yes!! We won we won!" Shouted Mikey jumping up then falling back down. I then bursted out in laughter.

"Hey Mikey and Jazz" Ashton whispered.

"What?" We both said at the same time. We ten turned around to look at Ash and he had two bottles of paint. Then he squirted us!

"ASHTON!!" Michael yelled and jumped up and tackling him taking the paint and squirting it in Ashton's hair.

"WAAAAAR!" Yelled Luke running for the paint then going somewhere else. Probably to hide.

****time skip****

Michael's POV

I was hiding with Jazz in the front yard behind a few thick bushes. We were centimeters apart. She was sitting in my lap while my arms were squeezed around her torso.

"They will never find us." Jazz whispered turning around straddling me. Oh shit that's hot.

"Yeah I know that's the point goof" I giggled touching her nose. Then she scrunched it up and giggled, too. She's so damn cute!


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