YouTube Girl

Jazmine and Macy are best friends and both have millions of subscribers on YouTube. They go on tours and are living their dream lives well almost until Calum Hood moves across the street and all the guys hang at his place. They all become good friends and maybe a little bit more! Read to find out what happens! ~Kylie XOXO


5. New Characters

Jazmine's POV

Today Macy and i are meeting up with two friends of ours! We haven't seen them in a very long time! I can't wait I barley even slept last night! Ugh! Well I guess I should get up as it is 6:00 and I need to leave at 8:00. So I got up and went to Jen to let her outside for her to go t the bathroom. When she came back in I fed her. I stared for my room when but I heard a knock at my door. I walked over and looked through t he peep hole. And standing there was the one and only Luke Hemmings. "Hi" I said to him still wondering what he was doing here at 6:15. "I bet your wondering why I am here. Well I was at Calum's over night and decided to  stop by real quick." He said flashing is one of a kind smile. "You want to help me find an outfit? Macy and I are meeting up with two old friends today!" I asked him tilting my head slightly. "Yes, I would enjoy that. Let's go to your room!" He said running towards my room. "Hey wait up mister long legs!" I yelled chasing after him. "You just really slow Jazz." he said poking my nose. "Olala look at this outfit I found for you!" He said holding up a Blink-182 crop top, shorts, and boots. "Perfection let me put it on!" I then ran to my bathroom and changed. I also brushed my hair and teeth and put on some natural looking make up. I also added a gold necklace and black purse.


I then walked back into my room to see Luke playing with Jen. I just stood in my doorway looking at them two. I decided to couch like emhem type of cough if you know what I mean. "Wow you look! Jazz!" He said standing up and walking towards me. "Why thank you! I have to go Lukey... I will call you when I get back then all you guys can meet our friends!" I said getting Jen to take with me. He walked me out. I got in my car to leave. "Bye bae." Luke said kissing me then walking back over to Calum's.

*** about an hour later 

"ANNA! BROOK!" Macy and I both screamed at Ana and Brook our friends. We ran right over to the hugging each other. "Wanna go get some food?" I asked knowing I am hungry because my stomach sounds like a thunder storm. We walked over to a deli. "Jazz is it tue you are dating Luke Hemmings?" asked Anna "Yes, and Macy over here is with Calum! Oh and Micheal and Ash are single so when you two come over you will get to meet them all and score some amazing boys!" I said rushing every word in excitement.

"Wait so I can date Ashton or possibly?!!" asked Brook her eyes getting wide. "Yes-" So I can date Micheal! YAY!" Yelled Anna louder then I could imagine. We then got to the front of the line we all ordered the same thing a ha sandwich with lettuce, mayo, mustard, tomatoes, pickles, on a pretzel bun. Oh and it was amazing! Even better than amazing like spectacular!

*** back home

"So I just called Luke and he said they will be over in a minute."

*knock knock* "That's probably them!" I said opening the door to see four guys standing there. "Hey babe" said Luke kissing my cheek. "CALUM!" Yelled Macy running to Cal and hugging and kissing him. "Well this is Brook and this is Anna" I said pointing to Brook and Anna. "Hi" Said Micheal and Aston at the same time. "Nice to meet you" said Luke. "Hello." Said Calum.

The night continued with all of us watching a movie and passing out with the first 20 minutes. I was cuddling with Luke, Macy with Calum, Anna with Mikey well kind of cuddling, they were talking a lot and she was on laying her head on his lap while he played with her hair, then Brook and Ash were doing the same but her head was on his chest.

A/N guys I suck at updating I'm sorry! Short chapter but it was a bit of a filler I guess. TBH school has been really rough and other things. I will get better at this. I hope you guys understand though. but holly shit! 155 reads, 29 likes and 39 favs! wow thank you and 34 fans! What! If you haven't check out How for me. That one needs an update too but that might be in a while TBH SO I hope you guys did like my filler.... especially AshleyFromTarget and Elida_rose! Love ya'll XOXOXOXO ~KylieApocalypse AKA Kylie



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