YouTube Girl

Jazmine and Macy are best friends and both have millions of subscribers on YouTube. They go on tours and are living their dream lives well almost until Calum Hood moves across the street and all the guys hang at his place. They all become good friends and maybe a little bit more! Read to find out what happens! ~Kylie XOXO


2. Meeting The Rest of The Guys

~Jazmine POV~

I decided to put Jen in her cage and go to Calum's but first I fixed myself up. I put my hair down strait and curled ends. I kept my Greenday outfit on and fixed my eye shadow up some. Then walked over with a small gift.

*knock knock*

"Hi Jazmine" said Luke answering the door

"Hello" i replied

"Come on please! I want you to meet the guys"

"Okay" i said while giggling

"What's wrong?"

"N-nothing at all!" I said in a shakey voice

"Okay whateva!" Said Luke

"Hey Luke hot girlfriend like oh my god!" Said Mikey

"OH MY GOD NO!" I said with wide eyes

"Oh well I'm Micheal!"

"Hmm nice to meet you!" I said biting my lip

"Your acting really weird! Jazmine is there something wrong?" Asked Micheal

"Well kinda maybe YEAH!"

"What is it?" Asked Ashton

"Want me to give you a hint?"

"Yeah we do!" Said Calum

"HOLLY SHIT AAAAAHHHHHH!" I said doing a fangirl scream!

"Yeah not much help any other hints?"

"Yeah there is, ummm you guys!"

"Wait you know who we are? But you said you didn't!" Said Luke

"Well that was small lie because I wanted to be normal and not a freak please don't hate me!" I said putting my hands up!

"We don't care really it's actually really hot!" Said Ashton!

"Then you need to meet my friend Macy you two would get along well!"

"I wanna play a game!" Said luke whining!

"Let me get Jen first!"

Then I looked at Luke like DONT say a word! I walked over to my house let Jen go to the bathroom and then took her over. I just barged in without a care!

"OH MY GOD YOU HAVE A PUPPY?!" Said Ashton, Calum, and Micheal.

"Yeah you guys can play with her if you want! Oh and here's a small gift for you Calum its a housewarming gift!"

"Thanks Jazz!"

"No prob!"

"well while you 3 play since I already met Jen, Jazz and I are going to get a game well find one and get snacks and stuff!"

"Whateva!" Said Mikey in like a really sassy voice

I can't stop staring at Luke and oh my god he's my favorite but he's a pretty close match to Calum because Calum would be a great friend a great person to tell things that you don't want other people knowing. And then mikey and Ash are the people you want to be friends with forever! I just can't beileve I thought Luke wasn't my type but he's more than that he's perfection! Ugh but I bet he doesn't like me!

"Hey I found a game! TWISTER!!!" Shouted luke

"I like it and how bout I go get some snacks you want to come because I bet Calum has no food!"

"Okay let's go!" Said Luke grabbing my hand! And I looked at him and he instantly pulled away!

"No it's fine!" I want this he's so sweet!

"Oh okay!"

"Well her we are I will get a frozen pizza ice cream and maybe Doritos?"

"YESSS!" Said Luke screaming and then he started looking around my house!

"Wait you a YouTuber?! THATS AWESOME! And you have a recording studio! You also play the guitar!"

"Yes yes and yes!"

"Well that's hot!"

"Thanks I just want to live my dream i somewhat am but I'm not. The only reason I got Jen is because I am lonely and I hate comming home to nobody! It sucks! I shouldn't even be ranting about this right now to you!"

"Come here you need a hug!" Then I walked over to him all stiff and then when I was in his strong arms I lose bed up and wrapped mine around him.

"Thanks Luke your so amazing!"

"No you are, now let's get over to Calum's! But first off would you like to go to dinner tomorrow and spend the day with me?"

"I would love to Luke!"

"okay great I will most likely pick you up at 10:00AM" said Luke

After that we went to Calum's and hung out for awhile maybe 2 hand a half hours? I wasn't really keeping track then I went home and went straight to bed because I have a busy day tomorrow with Luke. I also need to fit in some editing! Damn it I can't believe I almost forgot Luke will understand if I take an hour or so to that.


A/N okay so umm this was a short update sorry! I also need to update my other movellas but we might need to wait awhile because I am visiting family that I don't see often! Hope you guys understand! I also chose to updated this one because I had more requests ~Kylie XOXO



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