YouTube Girl

Jazmine and Macy are best friends and both have millions of subscribers on YouTube. They go on tours and are living their dream lives well almost until Calum Hood moves across the street and all the guys hang at his place. They all become good friends and maybe a little bit more! Read to find out what happens! ~Kylie XOXO


7. He's My What?

~Jazmines POV~


I can't wait to see my dad! I miss him sooo much! See I never told you did I my dad had to go to America about 3 months ago. My mom well I don't know who she is but she still lives here in Oz. I tried looking but my dad was like hiding her from me or who she was I am not sure. I pressed the call button. And within five seconds (of summer lmao I had to do that!) he answered.

"DAD!" I yelled jumping up off of Luke's lap. "JAZZY BABY! I MISS YOU SO MUCH." said my dad smiling his million dollar smile literally. "Hello Mr. Coyen... Nice to meet you?" Said Luke looking like he didn't know what to say. "Well hello, may I ask of who you are?" said my dad. "I am Luke, Luke Hemmings, your daughters boyfriend." My dads jaw droped to the floor. "Jazzy baby can I please talk to you well privately?" So Luke walked to the kitchen so he couldn't hear what my dad was about to say. "Jazz you need to break up with him-" But-" Jazmine let me finish, you know how I never told you about your mom. Well you have a brother and he is Luke. Honey I never told you but now i have to. Liz, Lukes mom, and I both got drunk when we were 20. Things happened and she got pregnant with twins. I stayed with her until you and well Luke were born because I had a job in America. I named Luke and Liz named you. We loved each other deeply but slowly drifted apart. Jazz I'm sorry. "i just sat there with a blank face. I was sad a little angry but most of all in shock.

"Remember how aunt June's husband left when you were 2 and a half we came back, well by that time Liz and I lost touch. But I found her on Facebook about 6 months ago. And she was the lady I was seeing that I never et you met. Now you know why. Luke and her were going to be your birthday present. But that is kindav gone." he said and i was in total shock now.

"Dad it's okay Luke and I have only been together for a week. I will be fine but I want to have Luke call Liz and she can come over and we all can tell Luke?" I told him he replied with a simple "Yes." Now this is the hard part... but I guess I have a mom now...


A/N Do you like my cliff hangers!?? Or I think they are lol! But this chapter kindav adds to the last these next couple or next chapters are going to be small but in a good way. As in putting a huge twist in the book like totally changing it!


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