YouTube Girl

Jazmine and Macy are best friends and both have millions of subscribers on YouTube. They go on tours and are living their dream lives well almost until Calum Hood moves across the street and all the guys hang at his place. They all become good friends and maybe a little bit more! Read to find out what happens! ~Kylie XOXO


3. Date With Luke?

~Jazmine's POV~

I decided to get up early to get ready for the day so maybe I could fit in some editing. I took a quick shower and put my hair up in the towel to dry some then i wrapped another around my body. I started to walk to my closet for an out fit then Jen parked at me!yy

"What's up Jen?"

*woof woof*

"You need breakfast don't you? Well let's go!" I walked to the kitchen and put a scoop of her puppy chow in her bowl and ran upstairs. I decided on wearing my blue, white, and black beanie. Then some black leggings a plad shirt with white, black and blue. Them a black crop top under, that said Beotch. I also straightened my blonde hair. Then for makeup I just did some mascara and eye liner. It was only nine and Luke said ten. Went to my desk downloaded my video to my computer and started editing. I only needed to edit the intro and outtro. I played threw it a few times and it was ready. Then I started to upload it. I finished just in time because my door bell rang. I fixed my hair some and then ran to the door. While Jen was barking like crazy!

"Hello! Come in." I said to Luke

"Well hi and hi to you too Jen!" He said patting Jen's head.

"let me show you something!" is said lacing Luke's fingers into mine. I wanted to show him my YouTube video.  So we watched it and he was silent for awhile after it.

"Jazmine this is amazing you are amazing. Who was the song about anyway?"

"Well umm it's umm well you." I said really nervous I know I am because I was tightening my grip on Luke's hand. And as soon I noticed I pulled my hand away.

"That makes it one million times better!"

"really?" I asked "Yes really"

"Jen come here time to go to your cage!"


I took her over to her cage then Luke and I left. Honestly I was really nervous! but I am excited to see where he is taking me! We just pulled into some place that looked pretty cool. Then I saw the sign and it was an indoor water park! It was Wild West Waterpark, under it said  a world wide organization. So I'm guessing it is a very popular water park.

"So your friend Macy gave me a swimming suite of yours. I bet you are wondering how. So I found her YouTube channel and that led me to her Twitter and I messaged her and told her what we were doing, she then said you always have a swimming suite at hers along with other things you might need." he said I was like in shock!

"well I am impressed Hemmings very impressed!" I said just starring into those amazing blue eyes of his.

"Good you should be! Lets go inside and you can change ten we will have some fun!" We walked inside hand and hand. After about 15 minutes of waiting in line it was our turn to get our wrist bands. I notice the girl at the front desk starring at Luke so I grabbed his hand a bit tighter. He looked at me so I tilted my head towards the girl and he nodded back.

"oh miss can you take a picture of us two please." I quickly caught onto what he was doing so e handed her hid phone, then grabbed me by the waist pulled me in close to him which I absoulutley loved!

"oh can you take one more please" I said and turned Luke towards me so he was in a kissing position and we kissed for a moment long enough for the bitch to take a picture, but I decided to hold on a few seconds longer and then we slowly pulled away smiling. Luke took his phone back and sad thanks to the girl. We walked towards the dressing rooms and once we turned the corner we both bursted out laughing!

"that was an amazing kiss Jazz." Luke said tapping my nose.

"I will defidentaly agree! But I liked what you did there to piss that girl off!"

"well thank you! Shall we go change and meet back here?" asked Luke

"Yeah sounds good see you in a minute!" then we walked our separate directions. I changed quickly into my swimming suit and my things that I didn't need in a locker I then took some flip flops, a towel and a cover-up with me. once I got out Luke was already ready. No big surprise really! I kept starring at him and just couldn't stop!

"Like what you see?" He asked and I nodded.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Can we go to he big slides?" I asked jumping up and down.

"Yes!" said Luke yanking my arm in the direction of the slide. We grabbed a double tube and stated up the stairs to  the slide.

"Hey Jazz I have a very important question. Well I was wondering if you would be my girlfriend?"

"Luke I would be honored!" I almost screamed but didn't. I then quickly pecked his lips. After about ten more minutes we finally got to the top. The guy at the top was starring so I started looking at him too. I turned on the balls of my feet towards Luke noticing him giving the guy glares. So I poked him and smirked him and then he nodded. I think this is like our new secret code. I walked over to the guy.

"Hey you see that tall handsome blonde over there? Well do you think he's cute because I do, and you know what the best part is? He's my boyfriend and famous!" I then looked at his expression and winked  at him and walked back to Luke. Then it was our turn on the slide the guys counted us down and we went off! As soon as we got to the bottom we both bursted out laughing! Then I heard the loudest scream and saw about 15 girls.

"Shit!" said Luke under his breath

"Hey they are you fans its fine Luke" is said attempting to reassure him.

"No, Jazz it's not because this was a day for us together. Don't gat me wrong i love my fans-"

"Luke the more we talk about it the more they wait and the more time we waste so lets just go to the girls and see what they want. Okay?"

"Okay" he replied grabbing my hand and intertwining our fingers. We walked out of the area and towards the girls.

"Hi" said Luke

"Could we maybe get some pictures with you guys? Are you two dating?" said the girl in the front of the group of the girls.

"Yes we are." said Luke looking at me. The girls got their phones out and we took some pictures with them. After we were finished Luke and I went to the Lazy River. We got a double tube we got on facing each other with our legs tangled together. We just stared at each other for a bit.

"I really like this." I finally said

"I do t it's nice sending time with you Jazz" we then did some more things a the water park and started to leave. We decided to go to mine and watch a movie.

"What movie you want to watch?" I asked Luke because I really didn't care.

"Well how about... She's The Man?" He asked I love his movie it's so fucking hilarious and yeah I love it

"Hell yeah I love this move! I will get the popcorn and some drinks." I said running to the kitchen.

"Ready Luke asked?"

"No i'm not... because your arms aren't around me..." I said with a pouty face.

"Well that shouldn't be a problem." He then wrapped his arms around me.

"I'm ready." once the movie finished Luke was asleep so I just layed us down on the couch with his arms still around me. Not long after I was asleep.


A/N soo I updated! I think this is the best movella I have written! Lol! okay love Y'all and ttyl! don't forget to like and favorite! sorry its a short chapter too! but hey it's better than nothing! XOXOXXOX ~Kylie

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