YouTube Girl

Jazmine and Macy are best friends and both have millions of subscribers on YouTube. They go on tours and are living their dream lives well almost until Calum Hood moves across the street and all the guys hang at his place. They all become good friends and maybe a little bit more! Read to find out what happens! ~Kylie XOXO


1. Collab Day

*ring ring*

"What the hell!" I screamed at my best friend Macey through the phone.

"You don't remember do you Jazz?" My name is Jazmine Coyen I live in a small town but a big world if you know what I mean! See it's a "big world" because I am have a YouTube channel. Macey has one to and I kinda we are doing a collab today! YouTube has made me very well known i do tutorials, challenges, dance routines, pranks, covers, so I do a little bit about everything. I have 2,500,000 subscribers about. She has about 2,000,000.

"Umm I kinda forgot! Sorry! I will hurry just come over!"

"Ooookay! But we need to make the vids Cuz I have to upload today!" She screamed through the phone!

I sprinted out of bed getting a super fast shower! I wrapped my towel around my waist. Went to my closet grabbed my black and white pinstriped crop top, some shorts, then I put on my boots. For my makeup I did some gold eyeshadow and some mascara and eyeliner then I got a little bit of bronzer and put it on my cheekbones to make them more define. I blow dried my hair and put some salt spray in, then hairspray making it look messy. My blonde hair and blue eyes really popped with this outfit! And that's always my goal!

"KNOCK KNOCK!" Yelled Macey

"Damn did you have to much coffee?"

"Always! Especially for days like days like this!"

Okay whatever but lets get set up then start you video!"

We then went downstairs to my recording studio i always record there unless it is some thing that needs to be done outside. I made sure the lighting was good while she sat up her camera. I got some drinks and stuff to just in case we get thirsty  and also grabbed my camera and laptop. Then we were all set up. 

"MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACY HERE iwould also liek to welcome a special guest! Jazmine Coyen or Jazz or Jazzy or JazzyMcJazzHands!" 

" Hello everyone!"

"So all you people out there should go check out her channel and social medias I will have alof those links down below along with mine! We are also doing a collab on her channel so go check that out but if you watch it today when I uploaded this video it won't be up. But when it is the link we be added down below! SOOOOOOOOOO lets get started! With some would you rather! I hope you asked me some questions at #AskMacy!"

"First question is from @KylieApocalypse: Would you rather live where you live now and receive $1,000,000 or live in your dream home and receive $10,000?#AskMacy" I asked (this is a real twitter and it is mine-Kylie)

"That's a good one but i would stay!" said Macy

"Same here!"

"Question number two is from @TheTalkingPizza: Would rather eat 5 rotten eggs or one gallon of spoiled milk?#AskMacy" said Macy

"Umm is neither a choice? But i would have the milk!" 

"Yeah same" said Macy

"The third question is from @5SOSisBAE Would you rather Meet 5SOS or 1D?#AskMacy"

then we both screamed "5SSSSSSSOOOOOOOOSSSSSSS!! we are huge fans and it is our dream to meet them!" said Macy. 

****Skip to end of vid****

"Thank you for watching and hope you have an amazing day don"t forget to check out all pf our social medias so yeah have a great day! Love you guys and that wraps it up s CYA NEXT WEEK!" and at that she ended it. 

"That went well! but lets set up for my video!"

"Okay I will let you get the mics set up while I do the cam."

Once we were ready i hit role.

"Hello everyone Jazmine here with MacyMay! Today we are singing a song that I put together I hope you like it."



'I woke up today singing a song in my mind, hmmm, hmm'

It made me think of him, oh that guy,

He's already famous,

Ooooh ooh,

He's on posters, on the big screen, on tv, and even on the billboards,

That guy, that guy,



He saw my picture and said I looked great,

I think I fell to the floor Cuz I'm faaaaalling for him,

The scrapes on my knees may be literaaaal but they are still there,



I look into his eyes and just die immediately because of those eyes,

His famous but im still falling for hiiiim,

Ooooh, oooh oh, ooooooh,



He will never see me never notice me,

Not even the scrapes on my kneeeees,

Cuz I'm falling falling hard for him,

It may be literal but I see the scrapes even though they don't exhiiiist,

Like my dream of being with yoooou,

*repeats this verse 2x ^^^^*



Now you know I'm falling for you everyday,

Every time I see yooooou,

Cuz your SOOO amazing,

Ooooh oooh ooooh,



Cuz I'm falling for yooooooou,

Oh I'm falling for yooou,

Falling for you baby ooooh yes yoooooou

*end of song*

"Thanks for listening and I hope ya'll enjoyed! Go check out both of our social medias and the video we did on Macy's channel! All of the links will be below. Leave a comment and like especially if you enjoyed it and for more SUBSCRIBE! Thank you and cya next week!"And at that i turned off the camera.

"Jazmine we rocked it!" Yelled Macy right in my ear!

"Yeah we did rock it!" I said

"Well I am gonna go i will call you later because I need to edit and I want to edit on iMac at home." Then we said our goodbyes and I was alone once again.

I really need someone in my life. I need him that guy. I do have his number and I could see if he wanted to hang out. But I don't think I'm ready. I got it! I can get a dog! So I grabbed my laptop and went on the porch and started looking. Then I found the perfect dog the breed was Britney they are intelligent loving a perfect size active and just beautiful. Do I looked for a full breed dog and there she was perfection! She was the cutest puppy you would ever lay eyes on! So I hopped in my car went to the store for a leas, some food, toys, a bed, and some other things. I drove for an hour until I got to the house.

"Hello there Miss how may I help you?" Asked a very kind older lady.

"Well I found this quite online. And I would love to purchase her!"

"That's great to here and what you name? Mines Claire!" Said the lady

"Im Jazmine and you have a beautiful name!" I said to Claire

"Thank you and so do you. Just follow me but before we give that little puppy to you we need to talk business. I will need some signatures and well a check because well we can't give her away!"

"Okay that's fine with me!" I said as we were walking to I think the office where all the paper work is done

"Well you have an amazing house Claire"

"Thank you! Sign, here,, here, here, and here" I did as she said and read over it was mainly that I will take care of her and that I purchased the puppy.

"I also need to ask you about the environment you live in."

"Okay well I live in a rural area of Sydney, I live alone and I have a decent size yard. It was my parents old house if you were wondering. About two blocks away there is a nice park and there isn't bad traffic so if she where to run away there aren't many cars."

"Well she is all yours lets go get her. And you will be able to see her siblings and parents!"

"Okay im really excited!"

We walked over to another building it was nice and pretty big. We walked in and there was about 30 puppies and 6 adult dogs so about each pair had 10 puppies. She led me over to the middle fenced in are. One walked right up to me and I looked at her spots and it was her! She's perfect!

"Hello there, you get to come home with me little miss!"

"Awww she's perfect for you!" Said Claire

"Yeah she is isn't she! Well I better get going I have a meeting I'm hosting and this little one is gonna come!"

"Okay well I hope to see you again Jazmine and you to little puppy!"

"Woof!" Said the puppy aww she's so cute! I put her in the front seat with me and layed down an old beach towel just in case. Then I started to drive home. I rolled down the window for her because dogs love that! Then I decided to roll down the roof because I have a convertible! And put on my sunglasses this is how to live! What should I name her? Something with a J would be good. Well umm June no, Jamie no, Jess no, Jen yes Jen that's a perfect name for her!

"Jen" i said and she looked right at me!

We got to my place and there was a moving truck across the street Hmm! Finally new neighbors! Then I saw them the neighbors I just stood there by my car starring at them. They were kind of hot they have the looks of a guy I would like. They instruments too? They were bringing in drums and guitars and a bass. That's really cool! Then I just started to grab Jen's things to bring inside. Once I brought them in and put everything in a desirable place.

"Jen! Come here girl lets put this on you!"

I got her a collar and bandana because why not? The collar had music notes all over and the bandana had all kinds of old bands, Blink-182, Greenday, U2, The Beatles, Ramones, and ACDC and a few more that I wasn't too familiar with. Then I took Jen on a walk.

"Hey cute dog!" Someone shouted as soon as I got out of my house.

I spun around in a few circles looking for the voice of the body. Then someone taped on my shoulder it was one of the guys that was moving. He was really cute blonde hair like mine and the most amazing blue eyes but he wasn't much of my type.

"Well hello there! Are you moving in over there?" I asked

" no my friend Calum is! He's only living there because we will have our band practices at his place instead of my tiny little flat. Im Luke my the way!"

"Your in a band? That's cool! What type of music?"

"Yeah we are Five Seconds of Summer and we play kinda punk rock-ish stuff and like pop music too be we try for the punk rock vibe!"

"I love punk rock as you can tell by my shirt and Jen's bandana!"

"Aww she is even cuter up close!" Said Luke.

"Well I have to go take this little one on her first walk!"

"Okay well stop by Calum's and meet everyone we are all spending the night at his!"

"Will do!"

"Come on Jen!"

After about a 30 minute walk i got back home and fed Jen. After i fed her she fell right to sleep! So I decided to edit my video! And I can't believe I met LUKE FREAKING HEMMINGS!! AND CALUM HOOD IS MOVING ACROSS THE STREET! And he thought I didn't know who they were!

A/N so do you guys like my new book?! Please tell me and if you haven't checked out my other books please do and yes the other two a Calum Hood fanfic. I'm still thinking on who to make this one on so please help!


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