YouTube Girl

Jazmine and Macy are best friends and both have millions of subscribers on YouTube. They go on tours and are living their dream lives well almost until Calum Hood moves across the street and all the guys hang at his place. They all become good friends and maybe a little bit more! Read to find out what happens! ~Kylie XOXO


6. Beach Day

~Jazmine's POV~

My eyes started to flutter open remembering I fell asleep in Luke's arms. He was still sleeping with his mouth slightly open letting out a few snores here and there. Everyone else was sleeping so I kissed Luke on the forehead and went to the kitchen grabbing some pancake mix to make everyone breakfast.


I had just finished making breakfast so I went into my room and grabbed my trumpet. Oh yes! This will wake everyone up. But just to make it louder I will grab my bull horn and put it up to the bell of the trumpet! I warmed up my lips by buzzing into my mouthpiece. I then went into the living room with the mic of the bull horn near my bell and ready to blow as hard and loud as I can. *TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!* "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH" screamed everyone at once with me rolling on the floor laughing. "What the actual fuck Jazz!" Yelled Micheal. "Yeah" said everyone else in agreement. "Breakfast is ready!" I said running into the kitchen and getting my food before anyone else could.


"Jazz i forgive you! This food is amazing!" said Luke kissing my cheek. "Agreed" said brook along with everyone else nodding their heads at her comment.


"Guys im bored! lets go to the beach" complained Ashton. I swear he acts the most childish even if he's the oldest. "YES" yelled everyone at the same time. I then ran to my room grabbing 4 swimming suits one for Brook another for Anna one for Macy and one for me. "Hey girls I grabbed you some suites. And you guys should go to Cal's and get ready. We will meet outside in 30 minutes sound good?" I said. "Yep sounds good" Said Cal already heading to his house. "well I guess I will see you soon!" said Luke kissing my forehead. When they were gone all of us girls ran into my rom to get ready.  I also grabbed my GoPro camera because why not along with a underwater one. It will be a prefect day to vlog! "Umm Macy please come here." I said motioning her over to me. "What am I going to do about my scars and burns from umm you know 'him'" I said already tearing up thinking about it. "Jazz just walk out there confident and strong. They will find out sooner than later. You can do it. And no lying tell the truth, I will be right next to you." She said grabbing both my hand and looking at me right in the eyes. So I changed and Anna and Brooks jaws dropped to the floor. "Jazz did Jeremy do this to you?" Asked Anna almost crying

"Yes he did. You guys where going to find out at some point. Only Luke and Macy know." I said looking at my feet like they were interesting. "Jazz its okay we love you still and the guys will too. SO lets go and start having fun!" Said Brook...She's so good at cheering me up. "Okay lets go. But first lets film the start of my vlog!" So I got out my camera and put it on my stand.

"HEEEY EVERYONE! Sooooo today we are going to the beach because why not. Macy is here along with two good friends of ours Brook and Anna. We are also about to meet our boyfriends! SO lets go!" I said stopping the film. We then walked out seeing four guys in their swimming trunks and a few bags with things to do and two surf boards. Then I remembered I needed to grab a bag of stuff and probably Jen. So I trotted back inside. "Lets go Jen!" I said grabbing some things and putting her leash on.

"You ready now?" asked Micheal putting one hand on his hip and swaying his head kind of acting like he's a girl being all sassy. "Wellll that I think about it I forgot something." I ran back inside grabbing my surfboard just in case there is a competition. Along with my suit. "I'mmm reeeeeeeaady!" I sung out so everyone could hear me loud and clear. We then all hopped in mine and Calums cars, Luke, Ash, Brook and I in my car then Calum, Macy, Mikey and Anne together. Oh and Jen was with me but she was all over the place in the car. And when I say that i mean all over she was climbing on all if us! After a 20 minute drive we got to the beach and man was it packed! But the boys know a "secret spot" after we found two parking spaces we grabbed everything and followed the guys. Jen was running around everywhere she was even running up to random people and licking them and the people loved her! That's my puppy alright!

We arrived to the spot and it wasn't to secret but it wasn't as busy. And around the corner I could see they were going tone starting a surfing competition! "OH MY FUCKING GOD!" I screamed with everyone looking at me like I had two heads. "What Jazz?" Asked Macy sounding annoyed. "Well there is a surfing competition going on, so see ya and please keep an eye on Jen for me!" I said running over to the competition sign ups! "Name please?" Ask a older looking man but he did look familiar! "Jazmine Coyen" i told him he then wrote it down on a sheet of paper "your number." He said handing me a bib. "Hey Jazmine do you remember me? It's me Thomas Johnson! We went to school together!" He said smiling. I remember now! " I KNEW I KNOW YOU! And oh my god Tommy it's been to long! We should catch up after this!" I said smiling. " that would be fun!" He said. "Okay see you in a bit Tommy." "Okay" he said then I went and got ready. I saw Macy filming so I walked over to her. "Hey Mace can you film me then send me the clips for my video?" I asked her practically begging "yes no problem want to tell the camera what goin on?" She asked and I nodded a yes. "Hey guys! Im going to be surfing in a competition so Macy will be taping me! Wish me luck loves!" I said then ended it.

It was almost time so I got ready and waited on the beach. There were probably 30 surfers maybe less it was hard to tell but I was in the middle of them all. Wow One minute left! My heart is racing and I am just really scared now!

"3...2...1" *bang* announced a man on a bullhorn and then a gunshot! I was getting to the area that I want to be at there was a wave coming and but someone had already claimed it so I let it pass. It wasn't the best wave for a competition any way so I went out a few more meters. Then another one was coming none on it! This is mine i turned around and started paddling ahead of it i caught the wave then I was up. This wave is amazing big and a great curl to go through that is just starting! I took my chance and went in and wow is all I can say. I was out if it so I did a flip. Stuck it. Then I surfed along the way until it was to small to ride anymore! I looked up the bored for the scores had my number... 4 and 29 points out of 30! Im at the top now and already about half the people have gone. I just need to get in the top 15 but I will most likely make it!


Round two now wow im scared but I did get second in round one so I think I will make it! This round I have to do good I need to get atleast 5th because 6th is the cutoff. "3...2...1!" *bang* Then I was off I sprinted out until I got right below my waist then I started paddling out to the area I was in before. THe first wave came and none claimed it but it was too small to ride anyways the next wave looked good but not good enough number 22 chose that he got 13th last round then came the perfect wave. I am someone who can tell the wave is good from really far away... None else is going after it so this one is mine. I started for it I flipped around paddled forward. I caught it. I got up and a perfect break to surf through was waiting for me! I got in the wave but it started to close in. I am barley going to make it! Wait... Yes! Made it! I then did a 360 and a couple other tricks and rode it out.

I got to the beach and aw on the board number 4 30 points! I did it 30 points im in! The judges changed the rule though anyone over 27 points goes on now because more than one person can score a number and I'm guessing it makes it easier for them to decide? I don't know but after about 15 minutes the round was over with me in first. And because nobody else scored a 30 I get to skip round 3!

About 20 minutes later

Round for with two other people and I. This is so intense! "3...2...1!" *bang!* the announcer went again. I got out to my area again. A wave came but it was to small. After that a few more came but not one was good. Then the perfect wave. One other person was out here but he didn't seem like he wanted the wave. So I went for it. I got up on the wave and did a few 360's the a double flip on my board. I then rode around and al I could say is 29.5 points again! Im at the top! Unless the dude riding right now gets a 30. He washed up on shore I looked at his score with 29! I WON! Oh my god!

We all got our rewards! After that I found everyone of my friends rushing over to me. "OH MY GOD JAZZ! I got it all on video for you!" said Macy handing me my camera. "Thanks bae!" I said hugging her."

"Jazz you were amazing" said Luke kissing my head softly. "Thanks Luke that means a lot. And what time is it?" I asked him remembering I have a call with my dad. "3:00, why?" said luke. I have to go  I have a call with my dad in one hour see you later! And does anyone need a ride back?" everyone shook their heads no except for Luke. So I waved good bye grabbed Jen and Luke and I ran to my car.

I put my cameras in the back seat my board in the back and headed home with Luke. After a silent but not awkward ride home Luke and I brought my things inside. "Would you like to meet my dad kindav?" I asked him. "Sure but first let me put a shirt on." so he grabbed a shirt from his bag and threw it on. While he did that I ran to my room and put some clothes on.

I got back downstairs and sat next to Luke on the couch with my laptop to talk to my dad.


What they didn't know this call will change everything.

A/N Okay guys I finally updated! I'm sorry it has been so long! school has been total crap and in a week or something like that we have PARCC a huge 3 week test but only one week for me but it lasts 3 weeks total for the school sooo yeah. I am going to try and update more. Oh and a small spoiler but a huge twist in the story is going to happen next chapter! OOOOOOOOOO! Bye loves! Kyliexx

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