Unpredictable || 5sos

Emma Bigg-


shy, nice, pretty, funny, original, free-spirted, and isn't afraid to be herself- kinda girl.

Her and her bestfriend, Sam, plan to go to her beach house in California, but that all changes when her mom decides she needs to visit her family in Australia, let's just say she's not overly happy.

but will this trip be a good or bad thin after all...


2. two.

I woke up to Ashton literally hovering over me. Jessa was on the couch in my room laughing.

"Hey princess" he smirked and helped me out of bed. I stretched, checked my phone, and it said 12:21, and a text from Sam to pick her up from the airport at 1.

"Hey uh can someone drive me to the airport? Sam is landing at 1. I would ride my board but she has luggage so, pleaseee" I asked no one in general. Ashton looked at Jessa and she nodded.

"Wait, let me go get dressed- and I'll meet you, downstairs?" He nodded and stood there. "um ecoose me" I said and pushed him out.

Jessa was still in my room, but were related and I don't really care if she sees me in my underwear. It's just I don't think it's just Jessa in my room anymore.

I took off my shorts and threw them at Ashton.

"Ewie! I'll leave, I'll leave" he 'left' the room, but I saw him hiding underneath his window.

I put on Nike socks, slides, under armor shorts on, and my blue under armor sweatshirt.

I asked Jessa to French braid my hair, since I can't braid for life.

Ashton thinks he's sneaky, but I saw him hide under my bead when I went to brush my teeth.

So I laid on the floor.

And I gave Jessa the cue to 'ask' me questions.

"So, Ems, who's your favorite in 5sos?" She asked giggling in the middle.

"Um, well I think Ashton's pretty hot" I wiggled my eyebrows. I wasn't lying, and Jessa knows that.

"If you could date anyone in the world who would it be" she asked.

"um, well Ashton Fletcher Irwin- well because he saved me, he lifted me off the ground when I was down, he's not just in a band, but he's a person who matters to me ya know?" I sat up now.

"He makes me feel okay, he makes me feel happy for once. Before I knew he existed- I was falling and then I saw the drummer, and he saved me, right before I slipped- he caught on my pinky, and pulled me up. I- words just can't explain how much Ashton has helped me. I don't care that he's in a band, I don't care that he's famous, I don't care about his career, I care about him. If he lost everything- I'd still be with him. Unlike anyone else, they'd leave him because he's not famous anymore, but I don't care about that. I care about him. I love the way he smirks and his sparkle when he sees someone like his siblings or his drumset. Or the way he tries to flirt but ends up failing, but it's extremely cute. or the way he tries to impress someone by smiling because that smile could kill me if I wasn't already broken. I'm just trying- trying to get better and sam&ash are the only ones who've helped. I'm not popular, or normal. I'm me and I just can't help but fall for Ashton even more, if that's what you're asking"

By the end Jessa was slowly crying, and you heard sniffling from under the bead.

"I'll go see if ash is ready, but I really gotta pee" I ran into the bathroom and I heard talking.

"She really likes me?"

"Yeah, she didn't have much at home, her parents hate her and her brother died. She only has Sam who isn't half bad if you keep her off the sugar. I knew she would've went to Cali with Sam, so I said she can just live here, so I asked sam's mom, she's moving in with us, anyway. She has to go to uni after the summer anyway, so it's a shorter flight"

"But yes, Emerald Hayden Bigg literally loves you, not for your music, but for you, now get downstairs before she is peed out, which takes a while but, still" he ran downstairs.

"Thank you, for everything" I hugged her.

It was 12:47

"Ashton!" I yelled running down the stairs.

"Do you know if you can get to the airport in less then 10 minutes?"

"Let's go" I grabbed his hand in mine and he drove the car like this. One hand on the wheel, and one hand in mine.

It was 12:53, holy cheese. He drives fast.

"EMMA?!" I heard a familiar voice.

"Get ready for crazy" I mumbled, and he laughed.

"SAMMIE!" We ran at eachother, acting like we haven't seen eachother in months.

"I missed you" she said 'crying'

"Who's this? Your boyyffrriieend" she drug out the boyfriend part, and me being the shy one, I blushed.

"Well mister- treat her well and don't pull a Aidan on her, she's been through enough, and don't give her flowers or chocolate, she's allergic, oh and peanut butter also, oh and-" I cut her off, before she said anything personal that I haven't.

"Sam, this is Jesus, Jesus, meet my bestfriend since '07" whenever we talked about any of the guys, we said Jesus, Juan, Pablo, and Dick.

"Ooh, I get it, I Mr. Jesus Fletcher Arwin"

We got into the car, Ash's hand still in mine.

"Listen girly, do not freak out when you meet them, like me. Good thing they didn't see me, I was on my sleepy meds for the plane and they didn't wear off, and they make me loopy, so I was basically you at that moment, bad mistake"

She laughed, well I hope I can handle it, so Jesus, how's your life? Meet any girlllsss?" She asked, of course talking about me.

"Yeah, she's pretty, smart, nice, beautiful, she likes unicorns, and is so fit, like she does a lot of sports I can't even do" well, that's not me.

I'm not pretty, smart, and I'm fat- so um he's not talking about me.

"Who is it?" Sam asked, a little more serious.

"Well, her name is a gem, it's my favorite color, uh, she's closer than you think"

Whoever that girl is, is luckier than te Irish. I must've looked like a lost puppy because he said

"It's you dumbass" he looked at me, he wasn't lying.

"Are you sure? Because I'm not pretty, or smart, and I'm fat so it's not-" He took his apart from mine as we pulled infront of the house.

"Your are beautiful in every way, Ems. Please, don't think other wise," he came close to my ear, "will you do me a favor? Go on a date with me" he smirked "I'll pick you up at 7, see you later princess" he kissed my forehead, and I sat in the car, smiling.

"So, babe, what was that?" Sam asked, still in the backseat, now in the front. "I don't know, but I liked it" I said truthfully.

"He totally likes you Ems, like it's obvious" she said "well, before you came, Calum may or may not've said you were hot, not saying" I smirked.

"No- way. He didn't" she said, and I nodded rapidly.

We got out of the car and unloaded her things into the room next door to me.

"Listen. The boys are coming over at 2, do not, and I repeat, do not- embarrass yourself, me, them, especially you. You tend to say anything that comes to mind when your exited and nervous"

She just sat there trying to relax.

"Ems! The boys are here!"

Jessa yelled.

We went downstairs and sam was trying to be cool (aka failed)

"Guys, this is my bestfriend, Samantha, but don't call her that or your balls will be down your throat and your dick will be up your ass. She's not scared to do that" I smiled and she blushed.

"She's also a fan of Mr. Calum Thomas Hood, sorry Samwhich, I had too" I sheepishly smiled while Ashton played with my hair.

"Your hair smells nice, like cinnamon, that's my favorite smell" he said, I got goosebumps of him just talking.

"Who wants to play 21 questions?! Okay let's play" Michael said, and we all got into a circle.

(This is the way me and my friends play so sorry if you don't play this way, it's the way the 'KEWL KIDS' play ily)

Luke spun the bottle and it landed on me.

"Who was your first boyfriend?"

"A guy named Aidan"

I spun and it landed on Ashton

"What is your dream girl like?" I asked

"You." He replied

Everyone went 'awwe' or 'otp'

He spun and it went on and on, I answered questions like-

"are you a virgin" - yes

"whats your favorite animal" giraffe

"what's your dream job" to be a photographer

"favorite color" green

"are you neat" ish

"do you want to go home" hell no

"do you like someone" yesh

"social media" insta-@princessemma twitter-@emhbigg

"are you confident in yourself" - no :(

We ended the game at 6 because Ashton had 'to finish his song he was working on at the music store' so he went upstairs and we never saw him, then I asked Sam to help me get ready for this date.

I quickly texted

to: ASH ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’ž

from: princess ems ๐ŸŽ€๐Ÿ’ž

'hey, what should I wear?

-princess ems'

He quickly texted back

from: ASH ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’ž

to: princess ems ๐ŸŽ€๐Ÿ’ž

'Just wear fancy ;) I'm taking you to a very fancy restaurant at 7 see you then babe ๐Ÿ’‹'

to: ASH ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’ž

from: princess ems ๐ŸŽ€๐Ÿ’ž

'okay, see you then ash: :) xx ๐Ÿ’'

"Okay, he said fancy, but I don't have any fancy clothes" I said.

"Don't worry Em, when you were playing the 2 hour long game, Ashton first asked Jessa if it was okay, so she and I went dress shopping for you" She smiled.

She opened the dress, and it was heaven.

It was an upper thigh, black lace dress. It had lace long-sleeves.

"Go take a shower, and I'll do your hair and makeup" I got a shower, and dried my hair.

I washed my face, teeth, and put a lot of good smelling perfume on, Ashton said it was his favorite, after he accidentally spilt it.

Sam came in and curled my hair into natural looking curls and she did my makeup like all natural with a hint of sexy.

I don't usually wear makeup every day.

It was 6:54, and Ashton will be here soon. Sam said it would be. Best if I wore my wedding heels, the really beautiful ones I wore to Sam's, mom's, wedding.

They're so beautiful and the straps go up to my middle ankle.

'Incoming Call: ASH ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’ž'


"Hey Em, you ready? I'm outside"

"Yeah, but I'm warning you that Sam and Jessa might give you a talk, but don't worry- Sam might use under 10 words that no one wants to hear"

"Oh god, see you soon, princess"

He hung up-

"Lets go Sam" she walked me downstairs, me trying not fall.

"Jess, she's ready" I saw Jess get up and hug me.

"I always knew he would be best for you, my favorite girl" she started to cry.

"Jessa, don't tell me you're crying on my first date- I mean- god" I laughed.

she opened the door, me hiding behind it, she tapped Ash on the shoulder.

"Your future girlfriend is a goofball, but a hot one" Sam winked.

"Well, can I see her? She's going to be my girlfriend tonight, not yours you butthole" he laughed and she turned him around and told me

to pretend like I'm coming out of the kitchen.

"Emma! Ashton is ready" I came out of the kitchen, and his eyes came out of his head.

"Is it that bad?" He shook his head

"N-no it's beautiful, like you" I blushed, and we left.

"Use protection!" Sam yelled and I laughed.

We got in the car and he drove his almost broken down '87 sports car.

"uh, it's nice?" I said, more of a question.

"eh, it was free and on the side of the road" he smiled, his breathtaking smile.

We pulled into a dining place and I never heard of it.

We walked in and he said 'Bigg'. I sat down and he seemed nervous.

"H-hi" he said, his fedora, looking adorable as always.

"Hey" I smiled

"Emma, listen I really like you and I was wondering if you-" I shut him up, I kissed him- He kissed back.

"I like you too, Ashton- a lot"

He smiled.

"I would literally ask you to marry me- but we just met, so will you be my girlfriend, Emerald Hayden Bigg, will you be my girlfriend and make me happy. Truth is, I've known you since you were little, your parents and my parents were bestfriends in college, you don't remember me- because my parents though you were a bad influence to me, so we moved here. I have never- ever forgot about you and when Jessa mentioned your name once It all came back to me, so please, we haven't just met, I loved you since we were 5, and playing in the backyard at midnight, so please- it would be a honor to have you as my girlfriend, Ems" he said, I was shocked at everything.

"Ashton- I- I- I"

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