Unpredictable || 5sos

Emma Bigg-


shy, nice, pretty, funny, original, free-spirted, and isn't afraid to be herself- kinda girl.

Her and her bestfriend, Sam, plan to go to her beach house in California, but that all changes when her mom decides she needs to visit her family in Australia, let's just say she's not overly happy.

but will this trip be a good or bad thin after all...


1. one

"Emma, are you sure you're allowed to go? I mean it's okay if you can't- but you're my bestfriend and I can't go without you, if you're mom doesn't want you to go" Sam said, checking her phone, today was the last day of school, I'm officially over with school, 19 years old, I can just feel the freedom.

"she said I go last night, she even helped me pack, but she was holding back something- but what?"

She just shrugged and gasped.

"oh my god! Ems! Our boys are back in Sydney!" She jumped up and down, she's a little fangirl-ish.

And by our boys, she means Five Seconds of Summer, our favorite band ever.

She's more of a fangirl than me, like a lot.

If we met them right now, she'd be having a spaz attack, and then here I would be talking away with Luke about our favorite bands. Blink-182, Green Day, All Time Low, Nirvana, The 1975, The Mistfits, and like a zillion more.

Me and Sam walked in my house door, and all I heard was- "yeah, she's going there whether she likes it or not, our choice- not hers" my mom said, we had like a bar type kitchen, so her back was towards us, and she couldn't see- but my dad could.

But like- going where. I looked at Sam worriedly, we've been planning this summer since two summers ago.

We were going to her beach house in

Cali, and stay there until it was August, and then come back and get settled into the university we both got into, which was University of London, which school starts on September 1st, I'll be 20.

(If you're wondering, I wasn't held back because I was bad or failed- I was held back in 6th grade because that was when my 17 year old brother died in a car crash and m family took 2 years to finally almost get through it, I could've went to 8th grade, but my family said i'd missed too much of school and to go back to sixth, aka not fun being 14, in a 10-11-12 year old grade.

Buut, that's where I met Sam- she made me feel wanted and loved. We've been bestfriends for about 8 years now.

"W-what does that mean mom?" She turned around wide-eyed.

"You're going to your Aunt Jessa's, y'know the really young one- who's like 26? Yeah you're going there for the summer" I was shocked- she said I could go to Cali with Sam and her brother, who's 28.

"Sam, I- I'm sorry. I'll see you later?" I said with tears in my eyes. I walked her out the door, and lived across from me- but still.

"I just can't believe they would do this- I- god! Ever since Avery left, they've been so hard on me. He was always the good one, he was always the smart one, he never made a mistake. Now, it's me they're pressuring and I just don't know" I cried on her shoulder.

"Hey, don't blame it on Ave or yourself, it's just- I don't know. buut, we'll still have 4 whole years of uni together- so it's just one summer without eachother, maybe- I'll get to visit you- where does your Aunt Jessa live?" I smiled at her speech, but at the end broke me, she lived like 100,000 miles away.

"Australia" I croaked and she just hugged me.

"I'll try my best, but we still have facetime and skype." She said, I had the best idea.

"Why don't we have a model time? Like where we dress up really good, and take selfies and full body photos and make them our lockscreen so we won't forget another?"

I asked and we both ran to each of our houses and knew what we would wear.

Our matching crew neck sweaters, black skinny jeans, and our matching vans, the black kind.

Our sweaters had a saying on it, but it said-

'Shes the bandana to my ashton'


'Shes the bass to my Calum'

and have a printed signature of Ash&Cal at the bottom.

I have the Ashton one, because he's like god.

And Sam has Calum, because- I have no idea. To me, he's not dating type for me, but Sam- she'd be perfect for him.

I walked over to her house, and in her garage is where it happens.

I was about to know when she opened the door, we were wearing the same exact thing.

Sweaters, jeans, vans, glasses, necklaces, bracelets, and hearts.

We went into her garage and used mine and her camera.

We took photos of us, selfies, model photos, cute photos, and basically anything I can post or make lt a wallpaper or profile picture.

You may think we're overreacting, but think of it this way- not seeing someone you love so much, for over 4 months.

"Emma! Time to come home! Jessa is excepting you soon" my mom yelled, she knows where allways in the garage.

"well, I'll see you in September" I went up and engulfed her in a huge hug.

"Text, call, facetime, Skype, write even if you have too" she laughed.

"Goodbye for now"

I went back home and sat down at the table.

Well, what do have to eat you say? Welllll- my favorite ice cream, fried chicken, apple pie, perogies, Mac and cheese, and brownies, literally heaven.

"Look, you're only going to Jessa's because we're going on a business trip, and you would've been in California, what if something would've happened?" My mom yelled at me.

"Besides, my sister is like the most childish child, you'll be great." My dad said perkily.

Apparently she's the youngest by around 10 years, my dad is 40, and Jessa is 27, and plus my parents had me very early.

"Your flight leaves at 9, it's 8- get ready. I can't wait until you leave- I mean I can't wait, until you leave to come home! Because i love you so much, duh."

My mom tried to cover up, as I said tried.

She never, ever had loved me-Ever.

She always love Avery the most.

I sill think I'm a one night stand because I look nothing like my parents, at all.

I went upstairs and got all my clothes, which wasn't that much, but still a lot.

I said bye to my mom, and asked my dad to drive me and he agreed.

When we were pulling out, I saw Sam at her window, doing some weird thing.

"I'll miss you Samantha Rose Palacios, yes, she was born in Ecuador, but she's still my bestfriend. She looked up and said "I'll miss you too Emerald Hayden Bigg" I put up the infinity sign, along with her, that was our friendship sign.

We got to the airport and me am my dad said our goodbyes and I love you's and he left.

"Hello" someone said, whoever it was- smelt goooooodd.

"Hi! I'm Emma, I'm going to Australia go the Summer" it was exactly 8:41.

"I'm Bradley, and wow, I'm going back home to the UK with me and my band" I smiled.

"Is it nice there?" I asked.

"yeah it's lovely, why do you ask?"

He asked.

"Well, I'm going to uni there after the summer with my bestfriend" I smiled at the thought of finally being free with her.

"Ah, that's nice. Well, nice seeing you. Here's my number, for a very pretty lady" he smiled.

"Thank youuu, but I got to go, text you later Brad!" I yelled boarding this plane.

I put in my headphones and blocked out the world. What seemed like a couple hours later, the teenage girl next to me woke me telling me that it's about land.

"I'm Emma" she said, wowie.

"Me too" I laughed and we exchanged numbers.

After I got off, I texted Jessa that I was here, and where to find her. I don't call her my aunt, more like my cousin.

She said to meet her by the toilets, because she knows me all too well- I always have to pee after a flight- always.

Her back was faced to me and I hugged her from the back. She was about to go all ninja on me but she saw my brunette/blonde tipped locks, and softened.

I don't see her often, only on my birthday, Christmas, and occasionally she'll pop in and out at random times.

"Ems! Go pee and well talk, cause I can tell you have to go the way you're literally waddling. She laughed and I ran and peed, and came out.

We got into her car when she noticed my shirt and about the 5sos stuff.

"Pretty, pretty, pretty, please don't tell me you're a huge fan of Five Seconds of Summer, like Sam?" She asked and I shook my head, well yeah, on the inside just not on the outside.

"But they're your favorite band?" She asked and I nodded.

"Good. There's something that's like going to affect 999999.9% of this summer." Said, her eyes focused on the road.

I have no idea what that meant, but oh well.

I saw her pull into a garage, and we got out.

"Uh, why don't we introduce you to the neighbors so we can warn them about how rebellious you are" she joked, but she doesn't know what I really do.

We went to the ones on the left- it was two teenage bestfriends, living together like me and Sam would, and then- the right.

"Oh, this will be fun" she sarcastically said.

She knocked on the door and girl answered.

"Jessa, hey! And you must be Emma, Jess has talked non-stop about you and how you're living here until you-" Jessa cut her off, "So where are the losers?" Jessa asked.

"Wait. Wait. Wait. I smell pizza, you asked me if I was Sammie fan type, and you asked if I liked them- wait. don't tell me- you- what- no- no- you - no- you're not serious- they're in there- no- what- this isn't real- somebody slap me in the face with Ashton's bandana- no wait that came out wrong- JESSA YOU LIVE NEXT TO- what- I'm slowly dying- they're real- what- oh my god- no- I- but- I'll be right back"

I seriously just did a Sam.

I called her and went down the street so no one could hear me.

"Ems! so where are you?" Sam's voice said.

"Um well, we got here, met the neighbors but- uh don't freak when i say who, like I'm not even kidding. My fucking neighbors- are five seconds of summer" her face literally was fine until I said summer then, we face was hit with realization.


I walked back up the street, that girl and Jessa still talking.

"Hey" I said all casually. "Now, don't spaz- but they really want to meet you- and I hope you're good at video games, that's all they play"

I slowly nodded, taking a deep breath.

"Guys, this is Emma, Jessa's cousin" The girl who I think is named Rachel but I'm not 100% sure said.

"Hi" I said and just sat down. Like on the floor.

"Babe, there's room on the couch next to old papa" Ashton joked.

"I'm not gonna bite" he clamped his teeth "yet" he smirked.

I sat next to him and I almost died.

Sam texted me saying she'd bought a ticket with the money we'd been saving for a concert on the floor- the first row actually- I saved up $700, and she had $400. Now, $100.

But this is 500% better.

"Hey Jess?" I asked looking up from my phone "I know this is going to be like a monkeys place, but is it alright if Sam stays with us? She bought a ticket to see- uh- one direction here- and uh she needs a place to stay?" I asked hopefully they didn't catch on.

Her eyes widened and- slowly giving in- said yes, but for only 2 weeks, before she eats them alive.

"One Direction isn't even near here- what? What's really happening"

I laughed and closed my eyes.

"Okay, Sam- she's my bestfriend since I was 12- and she maybe- kinda- sorta- almost- halfway- 1%- teensy- weensy- tiny bit may be obsessed with youu?" I said and they groaned.

"How long is she staying" Michael asked, and I told him 2 weeks.

I showed them her picture, slapped Calum for saying she's hot, told them she most likely fangirl, put earplugs in, smile and not be rude because she'll mess you up, she's outgoing and loud, loves food, whole name is Samantha Rose Palacios, like the color purple, is laid back, but girly, loves picnics, and her favorite is Calum.

I said she wouldn't be here until tomorrow but she'll text me everything so, yeah.

"Here let me see your phone" Ashton said. I'm still in shock that I'm seriously breathing in their house.

I'm not sure what he did, but I'm scared now.

I told him It was late for me, since I have to get used to a whole new schedule, but I'll deal with it.

I changed into my fuzzy socks, pajama shorts, and long sleeved surfing team shirt. If you're wondering, I lived in Florida since I was 13, but before that, lived in England for sometime.

So, in England I was an ice skater, and in Florida I was a surfer.

On the back of the shirt said Ems the surf gawd.

If you didn't guess Sam chose that, now that I'm thinking about Florida, I miss it.

I went to open a window because it's so hot in here all the sudden.

"Hey angel" Ashton said through his window. I smiled-

"Hey" I said back.

"Why are you up so late? It's 2am, go to sleep, aren't you exhausted?" He asked yawning, and the answer was yes, if I could fall asleep right now, I'd not wake up until my birthday. Which is coming in July.

"Ah, I guess I'm pretty homesick, but when I get home- I'll have no home" said letting a tear roll down my cheek.

"Tell me" he said, dimples glowing in the darkness, with just the small lights in our rooms lighting just a little but of our faces, but just enough you can make out who it is.

"I'll tell you tomorrow, I had a rough day" I said smiling.

"Okay, sleep tight princess. hmpf, princess ems"

With those last words I hear him say, made me smile when I was sleeping.

Oh, Ashton Irwin, you'll be the death of me one day.



So, is it okayy so far? Lyke I kinda like this story, and of you're wondering-

Sam will change into a responsible girl, not a crazed fan once she gets used to them.

I'm sooorrry if you don't like her right now- but she'll change laterr in the story.

I really really really hope chu like it.

Oh and Brad from the Airport is

The Vamps, Brad

Sam is a real person at my school, just her name is changed but yeah.

Emma is- I have no Idea yet.

5sos- saame

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