Play me that punk song already

Mary-Jane's first day of university was sucking some, big time, but nonetheless, she signs herself up for auditions for an all-girl acapella group. When she gets accepted for the Barden Bellas, she realizes there are some problems with this; 1. their group leader is a total controlling bitch and 2. she's in love with a Treblemaker.


1. University life

First day of university and it was already sucking big-time. I was given a rape whistle, was extremely freaked out by that, by the way. I got over it and found my room, dumping my stuff in favour of going to check out all the clubs here. I made rude remarks to myself at everything I passed. Dorks, sluts, stoners. I chuckled a few times, getting numerous strange looks. I ignored them, and moved on with the internal bullying.

I passed by some group of guys in burgundy shirts, singing and dancing. One wolf whistled at me, saying I had a nice ass, and so I marched right back up to him. "I am not a piece of meat, you vulgar little chimp. Do not sexualize us women like we're slaves, or we are simply sex appeal. I will not just take this. If you want to objectify us, do it in your fucking head, you creep."

They stood and stared, dumb-found by my reaction. I straightened my grey cardigan and turned to leave when another voice called out that I should wait. "Sorry about him, he's a bit of a dick. . . All the time."

I had to glance up at him slightly, even in my high heels. Jesus, he was the tall, dark and handsome guy every girl on earth is looking for. Only with hipster glasses and the best damn smile ever made. I responded with a shrug, "I get it, sometimes it's hard for you apes to use your head up here, rather than the one confined by a zipper."

He looked slightly offended, but nonetheless had a smirk on his face. "Hey, I heard you singing something on your way over, when you were walking by; could I hear?" He asked.

"Ok, I guess?" I cleared my throat and began singing Minority by Green Day.

"You're really good, and I gotta go, but listen, there's some auditions on Friday, in that building there," he pointed out the building, "and while the Treblemakers," he referenced his shirt, "are a completely male group, there are some other groups."

I nodded, taking it all in, "I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name. I'm Mary-Jane, by the way."

"Donald." He grinned and ran back to the Treblemakers, leaving me to mumble Green Day whilst making comments about stuff in my mind.

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