this is how me and my best friend got adopted.


3. 3

the house we pulled up to was so big we got out and grabbed are bags jonny kept looking at me like i did some thing wrong.

"show the girls to there rooms"

"fine whatever"jonny said walking up stairs  we just stud at the bottom and then he turned around 

"are you coming"

me and chloe ran up stairs and followed him chloe thats your room and thats yours he said pointing to the room next to it. chloe went in to her room jonny was walking of and about to enter a room that said stay out in big letters 

"did i do some thing wrong?" i ask him he terns and looks at me

"just dont talk to me" he said and walked into his room i just stud there staring at his door then i walked in to my room it was cream colour and had a double bed with a walk in closet and a tv on the wall. i unpacked and sat on my bed 

"teas ready" i hear some one shout from down stairs i walk down stairs to see chloe mrs and mr cookson sat at the table but no jonny then someone pushes past me and sits down next to his dad so i sit next to chloe and jonny 

"so tell us about your self" my new dad said

"there ist much to tell"

"well like your favorite colour or animal ?"he asked

"well my favorite colour is red and my fav animal is snacks"i respond 

"how about you ?"he asks chloe

"she wont talk to you"

"why what is wrong?"

"she wont talk to you unless she trusts you and its hard to get her trust. it all most toke 3 months for her to trust me"

"thats stupid"jonny commented 

"i wasnt talking to you" i say back angrily he is starting to piss me off

"im aloud my own opinion"

"i didnt say you wornt but you can keep it to your self" 

"you dont tell me what to do your not my mother or my sister and you will never be family"

"jonny" mum said with a angry look on her face 


he stud up and storms out

"im sorry about him" mum said

"il go talk to him" dad added 

"no i will its my fault" i say standing up

"ok"they both say and nod

i walk up stairs and over to his room and knock on the door 

"im not coming back down"he shouts

"i dont care if you do or not im just hear to talk to you"i say 

the door opens and a tall jonny with tears running down his face is standing in front of me 

"im sorry" he says 

"are you ok ?"

"ye why?"he gives me a funny look 

"you just said some thing nice to me"i giggle i look up at him and he smiles at me so i smile back

"and there is tears streaming down your face"i add he wipes under his eyes

"im fine"

"you dont look it"he walks in his room and sits on his bed so i sit next to him

"the thing is 2 years ago my little sis zoe died of cancer she was 11 years old"he said sadly and by the time he finished his sentence he was in tears so i gave him a hug and he cried in to my shoulder. after he finished crying he looked up a me and kissed my i kissed back he runs the tip of his tong on my bottom llip asking for entranc and i let his tong explore my now one minite we were kissing then then next thing i know im having a makeout session with my step brother.

thx for reading do you like it so far check out my other books my cousins best friend and camp 


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