this is how me and my best friend got adopted.


2. 2

i was in my room listening to music and i clouded hear people running around and shouting that clouded mean 2 things a bomb was in the building or people were coming to adopt and i think its the second one. i know what you thinking why am i not exited coz i know there not going to pick me every one who comes wont's a baby or a kide thats like 3 not a 15 year old how every one is scared of coz no one knows what there capable of. after a bit i heard every thing go quite then a door open they wear hear i went to see chloe who wound be in her room when i went in she was still asleep i wound have bean sleeping two but i fell off my bed and woke up this morning and coudent get back to sleep so. i was hungry so i tiptoed down stairs and into the kitchen and got a pack it of crisps you worn t aloud to go and steal things from the kitchen i tiptoed out and was about to go up stairs but then

"Amy" miss nicholson said so i ran up the stairs and slammed my door i hopped on my bed and started eating my crisps then there was a knock on the door so i put my crisps under my pillow and shouted 

"come in" miss nicholson walked in with a woman with long blond hair and a man with short brown hair then i noticed a tall blond boy behind them he had a lip ring and his hair was a quiff and had blue eyes

"zoe mrs and mr cookson are going to adopted you" she said sweetly i sat there with a shocked face

"i cant go"i say quietly  

"i dont wont you enyway" the blond boy said under his breath but we all heard him

"jonny"his mum said well im guessing its his mum

"whatever why do you wont to adopted enyway am i not good enough for you"he shouts and storms out

"im so sorry about him" his dad said 

"so pack your bags ready to go"miss n said

"i cant go i am not leaving chloe im staying hear with her" i shout 

"you dont have to she is coming with you they wonted two girls the same age in there teens"miss n said 

"fine il pack" as soon as they left i ran in to chloes room and we started dancing around and screaming then i left and went to pack as soon as i was finished up put my bag over my shoulder and then when i was about to walk out i remembered my guitar that was under my bed it was in its case so i grabbed the handle and walked out the room at the same time as chloe we ran down stairs and in to the living room 

"good my not going to miss you" we shouted at the same time and ran out and walked in to the main office 

"you ready girls"miss n said we nod and fallow the cooksons out the door and shout bye as we were walking to the car every one was at the window looking at us shocked i wave and stick my tong out at the as i was closing the car door i heard zoe say

"why wound anyone wont them" coz the window was open i ignore her and sit in the middle between chloe and jonny. jonny had a upset look on his face as he was playing his phone. he looked up at me and i smiled and he looked away it was a silent ride to are new home but when we got there me and chloes mouths dropped to the floor


this is my new story i will continue my other two but i will be writing this as well




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