this is how me and my best friend got adopted.


1. 1

hi my name is amy is 16 years old have very pail skin and i live in a orphanage my parents died when i was 5 in a car crash and i had not family so i ended up hear. i have blue eyes ,dimples and curly blue/purple hair. the kids in the orphanage use to pick on my coz  my butts and my boobs are big but then this girl zoe was calling me names so i punched her and knocked her out so every one is afraid of me.

then theres  friend chloe she will only let you be her friend and talk to you if she trusts you and its hard to make her trust you it was 2 month and 3 weeks and 6 days till she trusted me. she is 16 with green eyes and dark and light blue and white hair and has a big butt and boobs.

to day i was wearing a black top that said free hugs some blue skinny jeans with a black my white high tops and my fake glasses with my gray beanie and my make up mascara winged eyeliner and red lip stick and chloe was wearing a gray top that said love black skinny jeans black high tops and a black beanie with same make up as me but bright pink lip stick.





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