Christmas with my uncle

Margaret Flaherty, a relatively normal teenager is sent to have Christmas with her favorite uncle. She is finally able to show her true self to people who will understand. What happens when she doesn't want to leave?


11. 9.

Who catches me you ask? None other than Tom Felton . Harry Potter was my savior and my favorite was Malloy. I spent days reading and watched marathons weekly with my friends. Abby has completely accepted my obsession, since she loves my step-brother. Anyway, Malfoy- or Tom caught me and helped me catch my balance. 
"Sorry" I whisper, too excited to speak normally. 
" that was entirely my fault miss-?"
"Flaherty. Margaret Flaherty." I answer him. 
"Well it was nice to meet you. But I assume you would like something to munch on, am I correct?" 
"Yeah. Totally. I will grab stuff to chow down on now. " God I sound awkward and desperate. Quickly I escape into the kitchen to find food. I found some weird liking stuff that I decided to pass on and grabbed a tub of ice cream. After I grabbed the ice cream I headed up stairs. 
In my room, I fell on my bed with the tub of chocolate ice cream. I opened the ice cream tub, put my headphones in and played the dropkick Murphy's, and unpacked my bags. After my bags were unpacked, I danced around my room to Bon Jovi, billy Joel, and the plain white t's, my moms favorite bands. As I was dancing, I felt a presence behind me. I turned and who was it but Tom Felton and Niall Horan. Quickly I removed my headphones, the music still blasting and evidently very loud since I could hear it while the headphones were on my bed. 
" hey guys" I say, taking another bite of ice cream. " what's up?"
"The others have gone out, and we wanted to know if you want to hang out with us." Niall said. 
"Actually they went out to dinner, and I didn't want to go out. Niall stayed with me so I don't scare you again. Anyway, we were wondering if you can cook, since neither of us can." Tom said. 
"Yeah as long as there is food I can cook it. I will make a dinner the rest would be jealous of. Secret family recipe too. "
"Yeah. Boo-yah!" Tom says. Niall and I give him a weird look. "What I thought that what all Americans say. " 
"Yeah. The fifty year old dudes. Nowadays we say "hell yeah" or "suck it". Anyway I will go make dinner. " I tell Tom and Niall. The three of us leave my room and head to the kitchen. I pull out steak, potatoes, rice, and green beans. As well as a pre bagged caesar salad. I season the steak with salt, ground pepper, and Chicago steak seasoning. I peal and boil the potatoes, and boil the rice. The green beans I place in a Tupperware and fill it with water. I place it in the microwave for seven minuets. After about ten minuites I flip the steak and drain the now soft potatoes. I place the potatoes in a mixmaster bowl with the whisk attachment. I add two sticks of butter and some milk and mix it together making the potatoes extra creamy. After I am done cooking, I serve the food onto plates and bring them into the TV room on TV trays where the boys are watching a stupid show. 
"Thanks Margaret. This looks delicious," Niall says. Tom nods in agreement. 
"Alright give me the remote control. " I tell Niall. H hands it to me and I put on a show series called law and order SVU which I had on my Netflix channel. We spent the next couple of hours watching the show and eating. The boys walked in at the scariest part. Me being at an angle where I could see them and the TV and the fact that I already had seen this episode didn't scare me when the came in screaming. Niall fell backwards out of hi chair and Tom screamed like a little girl. It was so funny. 
After the movie, I headed upstairs to call Abby and James. When I called them they didn't pick up, which I realized it was because it was three in the morning over there. Since I couldn't talk to my friends, I searched songs that would fit me to cover. I decided on Bruno mars just the way you are, Colbi Callet try, Christina agulara beautiful and lady antebellum need you now as well as what makes you beautiful by one direction. I sent the list to Simon and told him I whipped Louis ass in soccer. He liked the list and congratulated me. I decided I would go to bed and before I do that, I write, always, one thing that I have learned and then read my list over. It started when I was little and Gwendolyn started picking on me because she was jealous and my parents divorced. My mother gave me the idea. Any way I wrote down " Everyone is different in their own way. Just as a zebra pattern is different so are we. It makes us special and unique. Don't let anyone change you."
After writing, I drifted into a peaceful sleep about being famous for my athletic abilities. 


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