Christmas with my uncle

Margaret Flaherty, a relatively normal teenager is sent to have Christmas with her favorite uncle. She is finally able to show her true self to people who will understand. What happens when she doesn't want to leave?


10. 8.

I leave the locker room in a jammer and life guarding suit. With my equipment bag over my shoulder and my cap and googles in hand I make it to an empty lane. I put my cap and googles on before hearing the boys call my name. I look I we and they are in the lane right next to me. 
"Guys I have to practice. I have to do all of this" I showed them the sheet of paper with my practice on it. 
"Wow. That's a lot. Can we do it with you?" Niall asked. 
"If you can keep up Horan. There is no slacking when you train with me. "
"Alright. Lets do the first thing. What is it?" 
"400 meter freestyle, 200 meter IM, 100meter power, and the 4x50 meter quarter sprints for warmup. " I tell him, then start swimming. He keeps pace with me. But he seems to be sprinting, and I haven't pushed yet at all. After warmup, we do 4x100 on 1:20, 3x100 on 1:15, 2x100 on 1:10, and 1x100 all out under 1:05. I make all of them, pushing the lat one, making it on 1:01. Niall makes the first five, but seems to try on the rest of them. 
We sprint for two hours, and when we re done with practice, I pull my hair out of my cap and out of the bun and let it cascade down my back as the water runs through my hair cooling me off. "Wow. Margaret, you are really good at sports. What else do you do?" Louis asks. 
"I run a bit so I can pace in the pool and push on the field. I also lift a bit, but not much. " I tell him. They all look impressed. "I'm going to change. I will be back in a bit." I leave them and head to the Locker room, changing into sweatpants and a sweatshirt. When I leave the locker room, the boys are dressed and waiting by the cars. I walk towards them. " who's in my car on the way back?" I ask. 
"Zayn, Harry, and Liam." Niall says. I open my car and they get in. As I get ready to put my keys in the ignition, I get a group call from Abby and James. I answer it, and put them on speaker so I can drive, not caring about the boys in the car.
"Hey guys what's up?" I ask. 
Ohmygodwearecominhtocelebratechtiatmaswithyouinlondonmymomgotusallticketsbutjustmeandjamescango." Abby screams in what seems like one breath. 
"Abby slow down and enunciate I'd didn't understand one word. " I laugh. 
"She said that she is coming to London to spend the holiday with you, but only she and James can attend," Zayn, who is sitting in shotgun answers. 
"How did you-?"I start to ask but he cuts me off. 
"I have three sisters who never shut up. You Learn to pick things up quickly. " he and I laugh. 
"Who are you talking to Margaret!" Abby and James yell. 
"There is no need to yell. I can here you fine, and I am driving Zayn Harry and Liam."
"Your driving?!" Abby yells
"Get off the phone!" James says. 
"I have you on speaker.its connected to my car." I tell them. 
"Fine. We get in the night after tomorrow. Pick us up and don't bring anyone with you. I have stuff to tell you separately. Love you lots!" Abby says. 
"Yeah I have to tell you stuff too. Be safe driving. We will see you in two days time. Love you. "
"Love you guys too. See you Wednesday. G'bye. " I hang up. "So guys just to warn you. Abby is a huge fan and she may freak out or she may play it insanely cool. James is one of my best friends, and nothing is gong on between us. Do you have enough room for them, Liam? Or do I have I share?
"James can share with me or another one of the boys, and you can share with Abby." Liam says. 
"Alright. " I say as we pull up to the house. I am still shocked by its sheer size. I get out and head inside. As I walk into the kitchen I run into a strong, hard chest, and the male wraps his arms around me to keep me from falling. 


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