Christmas with my uncle

Margaret Flaherty, a relatively normal teenager is sent to have Christmas with her favorite uncle. She is finally able to show her true self to people who will understand. What happens when she doesn't want to leave?


3. 3.

The next day flew by. Before I knew it, it was 7:15 and I was waiting to boar my plane. Abby and James were there, because sadly Jason and John had practice. I had them tell coach I wouldn't be there all break, and ask coach if he would email me the workouts so I could stay in shape. 
"Flight 234 leaving from Gate B is now boarding. Those with first class tickets, military, or those who will take a while to board may come to the loading dock now." The flight attendant called. 
"That's my flight guys. Ill miss you so very much. " I tell them embracing them each tightly. 
"I will miss you too. Don't forget to call me on Christmas after you open our gifts. And have fun! Don't just focus on sports when your there. You might find a cute guy with a hot accent. " Abby tells me, which sound more like a pep talk before a big game. 
"Marg, have fun and be safe. Text us when you land." Jason tells me. 
"Boarding class 2 please make your way to the loading docks." The flight attendant interrupts. 
"I have to go. Love you guys." I call
" bye bye. " Abby and Jason respond. 
I board the plane buckle up, and put my head phones in. I fall asleep as soon as the plane takes off. 
Ten minutes before we land, I wake up. I had a good nap during the flight, but I can't wait to see London. From where I sat, I could see the London eye and the Big Ben and then we landed. 
I walked into the airport caring my bags. I saw a sign with my name on it and thought "wow. Dad dosen't even have the decency to pick me up. Just great."
I walk up to the man, and he leads me to a pristine white corvette. He hands me the keys and leaves, so I put my bags in and drive off. I have my European driving license from last year when my uncle brought me here for a few days. I drive to my dads place where I see at least twelve cars parked in the drive way. 
I park my car, lock it, and head up to the huge house. When I get to the door, I knock and who answers but my fathers new wife. 


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