Christmas with my uncle

Margaret Flaherty, a relatively normal teenager is sent to have Christmas with her favorite uncle. She is finally able to show her true self to people who will understand. What happens when she doesn't want to leave?


2. 2.

           When I got home my mother was waiting for me. It was strange, since I had a half day and she manages a clothing store and normally doesn't take her lunch break until two. 

        "Margaret there is something important I would like to discuss with you." She told me as I set my backpack down by the front door. 

    "What is I mom?" I ask. 

          "Well you know how you would stay home for Christmas and the beginning of the new year?"

       "Yeah. "

         "Well your father wants to see you over Christmas this year. I was wondering if you wanted to travel to London to meet your step brother and see your father. "

        "Will I be able to escape to uncle and auntie's?" 

       "Yeah I will tell Sarah that you might stay with her during your stay there. "

      "Alright. I will go. Tell dad that I will be there on my own account and can leave when I wish. "

       "Okay and I already booked tickets. You take off tomorrow at 7:30pm and will get back on January 6 at noon. I will miss you so much baby."

"I'll miss you too, mom." I head upstairs and start packing. After I'm done, I have a carry- on suitcase and my speedo sports bag which contains my book Treachery In Death, my phone charger and iPad, my goggles and caps, a pair of old cleats, and my bag of toiletries. I know what you are thinking, why bring sports stuff to London with you. I swim and play soccer, so normally I would swim with my high school boys team, and play soccer in fall. I alternate between the off season training of my sports during spring time, and I am one of the best all around student athletes in the state. And winter break is where most of my training is done and I won't give that up for traveling ever. 

          After I am all packed, I tell my mother that I am going out to Rosie's pizza parlor where I am meeting Abby John and James for dinner. There I tell them that I won't be home for Christmas and I am going to London. 

           "Wow. I wish I could go to another country. Maybe you will see One Direction. If you do can you get me an autograph?"Abby squeals more excited than I am.

             "Sure Abbs. I will get you their autographs. It won't be that difficult seeing that Liam Payne from one direction is my step- brother." I tell her. She is the only one who understands what I go through and I tell her everything. 

          "Right I forgot you were related to famous people." We finished dinner and we paid. They promised they would see me off tomorrow and we also promised to text and Skype everyday. It was nice to know someone other than my mom lived me. 

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