Christmas with my uncle

Margaret Flaherty, a relatively normal teenager is sent to have Christmas with her favorite uncle. She is finally able to show her true self to people who will understand. What happens when she doesn't want to leave?


12. 10

The next morning I wake up to a quite house. I look at my clock and see that it is 6:55 AM so I decide to go out for a run. I put on a pair of shorts and a sports bra and brought a shirt in case I get cold. I quietly slip out of the house and use my phone to find my way. I run five mile before deciding I head home. When I get home, it is 8:00 so I decide I would make breakfast for my self. I make two fried eggs over medium on a bagel with cheese. I also have a banana and a bowl of honey nut Cheerios. In the middle of my breakfast, five groggy boys trample downstairs unaware o me sitting in the kitchen in short shorts and a sports bra. They enter the kitchen, but stop in the doorway when they see me.  "Morning boys. " I greet them.  "Margaret aren't you missing something?" Liam asked.  "Not that I know of. I have pants on. I'm good. I mean I haven't showered yet, but I wanted to make me breakfast after my ten mile run. But that's it I think." "You ran outside in that?" Harry asks.  "Yeah. It's not cold or anything. "  "But your in a bra!" Louis points out.  "It's a sports bra. A lot of females were just this to work out. It's less restricting." "Alright enough about bras. I hear food." Niall spoke up.  I stepped to the side and let them into the kitchen to fight for food and I headed up stairs to shower. After showering I packed an over night bag with pajamas that included James's plaid pajama bottom and an old t-shirt. I also packed a pair of jeans and a royal blue blouse with embroidered flowers on the collar with my high chocolate brown boots. Along with that, my toiletries were thrown in the bag. After packing, I decided to dress in a knee length royal blue dress with white polka dots all over it and a cape sleeve half sweater. On my feet I wore a pair of tan heals with a bow on the toes. By the time I was dressed, it was noon, and I wanted to head to my uncle and aunt's place for two. I had enough time to curl my hair and ad a few strokes of mascara and a coat of light wine lipstick and a clear gloss. I was ready at 1:15 and decided it was time to go. When I walked downstairs, I stopped at my fathers study to tell him I was leaving and staying the night at Simon's. he said ok and that he loved me. I headed to the front door where I grabbed my keys and left.  I took me a half hour to get to my aunt and uncle's house and when I got there, there were cars I didn't recognize out front. I assumed that Simon wanted some new cars so he bought them. It was of no concern to me. When I got to the front door I rang the bell. The door was opened by Phillip, Simon's butler. I was lead into the house and Philip took my bag to the largest guest suit here I would be residing for the evening. I followed a delicious aroma to a large modern kitchen where auntie Sarah stood amidst raw vegetables and boiling pots.  "Hey Sarah. What's up?" I ask her. She jumps startled.  "Oh Margaret. You are so grown up! I missed you so much. I'm fine." She says while hugging me.  "I've been great. My friends are coming over tomorrow and staying through Christmas break." I tell her. "Where did Simon get all those cars he ahead parked out front?" "They are his clients cars. They will be eating with us. If you want you can go find them. Or go to the studio. Your guitar is still down there as well as your keyboard and drum set." She says.  "I think I will go to the studio. It's been a while." "Well have fun. Dinner will be ready in a half hour. By the way. Hat dress is adorable. " "Thanks Abby and I went shopping last weekend for a birthday party. It looked the best on me so she bought it as an early birthday present. " I tell her as I make my way down stairs to the studio. As I reach the room I can hear a faint playing of drums through the sound proof door. I open it to see nine boys, five of whom are one direction and the other four I don't know but one is on my dry set and the other on my guitar. The boys stop playing as I walk in. "Why are you in my drums and guitar? They cost a fortune! I don't know who you think you are touching my stuff-" I get cut off by the boy on my drums. "I'm Ashton from 5 Seconds of Summer, Calum is on the guitar, Michael has the green hair and Luke is the one over by Louis. We didn't know they belonged to a spoiled rich kid. Sorry. " he said.  "She probably can't even play" I hear Michael whisper to Luke.  "I can play you jerks. Just watch." I get on my drums and start to play the Dropkick Murphy's song Citizens C. I. A. When I am finished with that I take the guitar and play Taylor Swift's You Belong With Me.  When I am done with both songs, the boys clap, and they congratulate me asking where I learned to play like that. "I thought myself." I tell them. They seem impressed. We heard the dinner bell being rung and headed upstairs to the formal dining room/ ball room. There we sat in our assigned seats.  Through out dinner, we made small talk about music and what was going on. Then before dessert, Aunt Sarah asked me " Margaret how re the boys?" "Jason and John are good they are training hard and are mad at me for getting out of hell practice, and James is cool. He's going to be coming tomorrow with Abby and I can't wait! I miss them so much." I tell her.  "So James is your boyfriend?" Simon asked.  "No. We are really close though. Most of he times they think we are sting but we are not. He never asked me out." "Would you say yes?" Niall pipes up.  "Well maybe. He is very attractive and sweet. He probably defends me the most from Gwendolyn and her posse." "That brat still picks on you? Gosh darn it. I thought se would be nicer after we stopped by." Sarah stated.  "No. It only got worse. She thought I was a stuck up bitch. She still calls me spoiled and a slut many times a day." "The professors don't do anything about that?" Louis asks "No. The teachers only care about what happen in the classrooms. Sh is also the most popular girl In school and gets good grades so she gets away with everything. " After that conversation. We had dessert, and then after eating I excused myself and headed to the studio to record. I decided to record Meghan Trainer's Lips Are Moving. After recording, it was 9:30 PM so I decided I would head to bed. When I arrived in my room, I changed and fell asleep almost immediately. 
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