Christmas with my uncle

Margaret Flaherty, a relatively normal teenager is sent to have Christmas with her favorite uncle. She is finally able to show her true self to people who will understand. What happens when she doesn't want to leave?


1. 1.

           Most people think they understand me. In reality, they only know the part of me I show them. I show them the competitive side of me, and I hide the fact I can get anyone I basically want on my side because of my family connections.

        My uncle is quite successful and my half brother is in the biggest band in the world. He is my half brother because my father married his mother and my parents have dual custody  over me, but I kept my mothers maiden name a to not bring suspicion to my school also because I live with my mother mostly through out the school year. My name is Margaret Flaherty and I have a story to tell you about my life so far. 
        It was the first day before Christmas break and I was hanging with a few of my good friends. Jason, James, John, and Abby. Although most of them are guys none of them tried to hit on me because they all have a girlfriend. John and Abby are dating and James and Jason recently got out of relationships, but we were still good friends. We were talking by my locker when a group of cheerleaders walked by.

        "Oh my god. Look at Margaret. She is such a slut, ha in arround that string is guys. Margo, maybe you should stick with one man for more than a day. " the lead cheerleader said. 

       "Well Gwendolyn I can't be a slut. Unlike you, I have never kissed a guy before, let alone had sex with the entire football team. " I fire back. She storms off with her posse right behind her. 

        "Nice one Marge!" Abby high fives me. "Guess where I get to go over break? "

         "Maine to see your sisters new place?" I ask she nods " I don't know what I'm doing for Christmas this year. Probably hang win the family. Hopefully my uncle can come over from wherever he is right now. "

         "Well I wish you a merry Christmas. I have to go to practice" Jason says. 

          "Me too, " James and John chorus. 
           We all go our own ways, and I head to my car to drive home. 


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