The Bet

Harry thought it was a bet .. But then it turned into something he never experienced before


6. Chapter 5

~Harry's POV~

After Eleanor and Perrie left me and Louis started to plan my date with Ariana Grande

"Harry I think you need to rethink this whole bet thing your doing with Ryan " he said looking at me with a frown

Something must be bothering him , since it's the first time I've seen him look so serious.

"Louis it's my decision , and it's too late " I answered back harshly

"Fine , but if you end up liking this girl , and Ryan tells her about the whole bet , I hope you regret big time " he said as he stood up

"If you know me Louis then you would I'm not an idiot because only an idiot will fall for Ariana Casanova "

Louis left the room going out the front door and went straight into his car .

Beep beep

I got a text from Paige :


Harry we are going to the mall with Ariana just to let you know and tell Louis to meet Eleanor at the mall . Bye x


Louis went out already I don't where too tried calling him but his phone was off . And bye xx

I turned my phone off and went out to get a drink

~Ariana's POV~

I started to think so if Harry likes Ariana Grande but he also wanted to hang out with Ariana Casanova .....

Something's definitely going on , I started to fix my hair until I felt a hand on my shoulder I recognized who it was I felt my self falling to the fall as the figure disappeared

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