The Bet

Harry thought it was a bet .. But then it turned into something he never experienced before


5. Chapter 4

~Ariana's POV~

I have a interview today at the Wanda Watson show , where we are going to be talking about my celebrity crush Harry Styles .

Paige made me say it was him to Create more publicity and the worst part is it only gained Harry more popularity.

"Ariana your on in five " mom said

"Thanks " I replied as my assistant Tracy fixed my wig

I didn't want to dye my hair brown 'cause it'll be obvious at school that my name isn't really Ariana Casanova

I went on stage hearing my fans screaming my name I couldn't help but smile .


After the interview


Paige was calling me ;

"Ariana you did great , when you preformed break free omg it was just wow , Anyway Ermm. Harry wants to talk to you ..."


"Hello Ariana"Harry said

"Hi" I replied

"I was wondering , who are you going with to the EMAS ? Harry asked trembling I could sense he was nervous talking to me

Paige said he had this huge crush on me

"No one , you?"

"Same here , anyway I was thinking maybe you would like to come with me ? " he asked

"Yeah I guess that'll be fun" I said as my makeup artist took off my brown wig off and brushed back my dyed red hair

"I'll call you and we can arrange the dates " Harry said

"Um ok just ask Paige for my number " I answered

"Oh i already have it Paige gave it me , I gotta be going , I'll talk to you later " he said hanging up

As I got up I got a text

By the way I have to phones one for Ariana Casanova one of Ariana Grande , so no one gets suspicious.

From: Harry

I want to meet you in person so we can arrange everything is that alright with you ?

To :Harry

Yes sure , if I don't have anything to do how's Friday ?

From :Harry

Fridays great I'll pick you up at 7

To : Harry

I'll see you there xx night

I'm glad I have people to talk to , but what really scares me if he finds out , I'm scared this identity of mine will backfire and it will be exposed that's one thing I don't want to happen


A/N hope u like this chapter anyway in the next chapter something bada going to happen 22 likes for the next chapter

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