The Bet

Harry thought it was a bet .. But then it turned into something he never experienced before


4. Chapter 3

~Ariana's POV~

I have a secret ........

My life is a typical Hannah Montana story , I live the best if both worlds , at school I'm known as Ariana Casanova , but on stage I'm Known as singer , actress Ariana Grande which is my real name , my mom didn't want fame to get to me so she took me a school and faked my identity naming me Ariana Casanova .

Harry styles is known as a singer at school , he let fame get to him .

The only people who know my secret are Paige , Jasmine , Alaska , Scarlett and Perrie but since Perrie isn't much of a secret keeper Zayn found out to .

So this is what I have to go through everyday just to cover my identity , but I guess I have to learn to live with it

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