The Bet

Harry thought it was a bet .. But then it turned into something he never experienced before


3. chapter 2

~Harry's POV~

Me and Scott are in Math together and so was Ariana , so it was easy for me to start the bet now.

"Dude just be your flirty self "Scott said before we entered Ms Taylor's class

"Yeah , this will be a piece of cake , just watch and learn" I said as I went and grabbed a seat next to Ariana while Scott sat behind us .

"Remember she likes Music , so just be your musical ass"Scott whispered into my ear

Ariana Casanova had dark red curly hair and big cute brown eyes.

She reminds me of Ariana Grande but Ariana grande has Brown hair with blonde tips .

When Ariana said I was her celebrity crush , to start more publicity I said she was my celebrity crush too.

"Hey , Ariana did we have any homework"I asked.

"It's the first day of school "Ariana said looking at me confused

"By the way I'm not like Paige and Scarlett , I can do my own homework " I said brushing off my shoulders

"Ok , let me ask you this what's 1+1?"she asked casually

"Duh ... Is it 11? "I asked not knowing what the answer is

"It's 2 just leave me alone Harry !" She got up and left me and sat on the other side of the classroom

I can't believe she just dissed me , no one does I need to try harder .


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