The Bet

Harry thought it was a bet .. But then it turned into something he never experienced before


2. Chapter 1

~Harry's POV~

The first day of senior year is supposed to be great for everybody but not for me when Ryan Pricket said since I was to soft for a bad boy pop star , he decided to make a bet with me .. But little did I know that the bet lead me towards the love of my life ....

"Are you sure , you want to do this ?" Liam asked for the hundredth time .

"Liam I have to ." I said

We are all sitting at the lunch table at Bridgewater high school .

"C'mon Harry it's just a stupid bet like , you aren't even going to get anything out of it ."Paige said

"Yeah , a stupid bet that can cost my popularity." I said

"Your also linked to Ariana Grande" Liam said

"Guys please it's my decision" I sighed

They all sighed .

"Who's the girl anyway ?" Niall asked looking at me confused

"Ariana Casanova !" I smirked

"Please just do it to another girl , we all told you not to mess with her !" Jasmine frowned

The girls have been really close to her and I think that's just stupid.

"If I do this bet I will get Ryan's Ferrari !" I laughed

"Ok what's the bet ?" Jasmine asked

"Well I have to get her to fall in love with me , then , make her believe I'm in love with her , then break her heart like a glass plate !"

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