Living in guilt or living in Hell?

Jade's life has changed since that day. That moment haunts her. She constantly lives in guilt. She's no longer sure what's worse: Living in guilt or Living in Hell. Her question is soon answered.


1. The end of school

Katelyn fell. Faster and faster. Closer to the ground every second. It was the end. But it was also the beginning.


It was the last day of school for the summer and Jade sat at the back of her English class, where she hoped she was less noticeable and would be ignored. It normally work, but not today.

"Jade, what's you opinion on the adapted version of Romeo and Juliet?" Mr Herwood asked.

"Umm, I-I'm not sure," Jade replied, surprised it was her he asked.

"Well, do you agree or disagree on Juliet's choice to leave Romeo for the baby?"

"I..." The bell rang and saved Jade from replying. She was one of the first to leave the classroom for lunch yet sat alone on the stairs, not touching her food like she had done everyday. Everyday since that moment. Jade hardly ate at school, afraid of being judged. She had no friends and no father. Her mum was distressed and she was alone.

After lunch she had Maths, History and P.E. Then the school day ended. School had finished for 6 weeks over the summer. jade couldn't have been more relieved. So as to avoid pain she hurried out and headed towards the bridge, but he was already there. He was always there. Waiting for her. Waiting to hurt her. She didn't understand what she did wrong, she had never done anything to him yet he hurt her.


He approached her in a few strides and without hesitation drew his hand back and swung it forward, connecting it with Jade's face. Collapsing to the floor Jade tried hard not to scream and show he had gotten to her. He kicked her numerous times as she muffled her screams. She lay on the floor for what seemed like forever after he had walked away. Slowly, she sat up, took out her mirror and look at her reflection. Her stomach was covered in deep, purple bruises and she had a cut across her lip. As she stood up to walk home, tears overflowed from her eyes and kept falling, her mascara running down her cheeks with them.


My second story, hopefully it goes better than my last one I attempted. Hope you enjoy it!

Beth xx

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