The Oath (Percy Jackson)

Skylar Argyris is just a unclaimed kid in Hermes. What she doesn't know is she wasn't supposed to be born. So what happens when a oath that has been for thousands years is broken.


5. The Blond Cries(edited)

Annabeth's P.O.V

Since when did he like her? I thought he liked me? Since when did she like anyone? She was an outsider like Nico. I was always with him not her. I wondered why after she "came" he was always trying to be friends and just ignored me.

All these thoughts ran though my head as I cried by Luke and I's tree. The place where no one would go cause they think that's where most the monsters are. Even though it's the most peaceful place in the woods.

It's our tree cause that's where we found each other in capture the flag the first time when we thought we'd die. Every time one of us is sad that's where we go so the other will find us. I've been here a lot lately. No one would care if I got hurt but everyone would care if Skylar did.

I really want Luke back, he'd help me. But I needed to be here not paying attention to the past helping demi-gods.

I stood up something/someone was near the border I could feel it.

I ran out of the woods and to Thalia's tree. And saw to girls running up the hill they were running from the furries all three. The furries didn't see me so I just climbed a tree and grabbed the spare bow and arrows (when we had border patrol) and shot them out of the air.

The girls ran up past Thalia's tree looking terrified out of their minds. I hopped down from the tree and came around so they could see me.

"Come with me they won't be able to find you, you'll be safe," I said.

They followed me crying about something. "I wish I could cry with them" I thought.


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