The Oath (Percy Jackson)

Skylar Argyris is just a unclaimed kid in Hermes. What she doesn't know is she wasn't supposed to be born. So what happens when a oath that has been for thousands years is broken.


9. Sharing stories(edited)

Sky's P.O.V


I jolt up to Kayla screaming.

"Kayla its okay." I said walking over to her.

"I know but Shai," she sobbed.

"Who's Shai?"

"I'd need to tell you why we ran away," Kayla said.

"We got time."

"Okay. Well Amanda and I had this best friend named Shai. Well one day this thing in the park it was like this giant person. Glowing gold he was kind of hard to look at. He said," Daughter of Hera give them to me Rhea has asked for them." Shai said,"No!! I'm not losing them again!!" Then he said," I will have to take them then." "No!! Kayla Amanda run!!" she screamed. Then she took out a dagger started to fight him. Amanda screamed," What about you?!" "I'll be right behind you," Shai called back." Kayla said.

"So Amanda and I ran. We thought she was behind us until we heard her scream. We turned around and saw the giant dude holding her and then disappeared. Then we were chased all the way here," Kayla said but ending up sobbing.

"Amanda took it worst than me she hasn't been as fun and silly ever since," Kayla finished.

"I'm so sorry," I said hugging her.

"It's not your fault," she whispered," So what about you?"

"Well....." I started.

The rest of the night we were trading stories.


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