The Oath (Percy Jackson)

Skylar Argyris is just a unclaimed kid in Hermes. What she doesn't know is she wasn't supposed to be born. So what happens when a oath that has been for thousands years is broken.


4. Percy Decides(edited)

Percy's P.O.V

Skylar collapsed on the ground. Then everyone starts yell about how they can't believe that this just happened.

I walked over to Chiron and asked," Should we take her to the infirmary?"

But he was busy trying to calm everyone down. I asked again still no answer.

I walked over to Skylar and picked her up bridal style. Then carried her to the infirmary. I set her on the bed.

I just watched her trying to decide. What people may ask well who I should ask out Annabeth or Skylar. I had liked Skylar ever since I met her but I know Annabeth better and I know she likes me so I had a better chance.

But I liked Sky so much more. I'm going to ask Sky when she wakes up.

I look down and saw Sky smiling up at me.

"What happened after I passed out?" she asked.

"Everyone went crazy and I took you here," I said," So Sky can I ask you something?"

"Yeah," she said looking confused.

"Would you go out with me?" I asked scared of the answer.

She looked at me blankly then smiled," I been waiting for you to ask me that."

I smiled then closed the space between us then said," You don't need to wait anymore."

Then kissed her.

Skylar's P.O.V

Finally he was so scared even though anyone would know I'd say yes.

Then he closed the space between us and said," You don't need to wait anymore."

Then he kissed me. HE KISSED ME!!! I was so excited! I've wanted him to kiss me since I met him.

I felt spark no I felt fireworks. It was the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me

Neither of them noticed that Annabeth was watching them.


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