The Oath (Percy Jackson)

Skylar Argyris is just a unclaimed kid in Hermes. What she doesn't know is she wasn't supposed to be born. So what happens when a oath that has been for thousands years is broken.


7. Nightmare(edited)

Kayla's P.O.V

I had a hard time falling asleep but when I did I wish I didn't.

I was in some sort of casino. "Amanda!! We have to leave." I was calling.

Then I saw a swish of blonde hair.


"Kay this place is awesome! Can we stay?"

"No Percy warned me about this place I traps us here forever we could never leave!"

"I don't care I'm staying," then she ran off.

Then I ran out the door leaving my sister behind.

Then I was in a dark room.

"Poor girl lost her sister to a casino. Now she can't complete her prophecy. Now I'm sure to rise."

"No I just need to find Percy or Skylar or Ann- never mind I WILL get her back." I told this stupid evil voice.

"Your part of a much bigger prophecy. And you can't stop me. You even will do this for me" The voice said then I was in a field.

Bodies battered and bloodied. I remembered faces like Annabeth and Clarisse and Travis and Conner. All dead.

Then in the middle of the field was me holding a sword full of blood. I was smiling happily. I killed them all.

I was talking to someone I said," I did it their all gone and I convinced Percy and Skylar and Amanda. They'll help."

"Good child we will rule." It was the evil voice.

The person I was talking to was a woman. She was beautiful brown long hair, loving chocolate brown eyes, motherly face.

"But your children."

"I will take care of them with you by my side. But you need to take care of your friend Shai. Then we will rule!"

"Shia easy. As you wish Rhea."

Then the dream started to disappear.

NO!! Rhea the queen titan. SHAI!!

"SHAI!!!" I woke up screaming drenched in cold sweat.

Rhea the queen titan is going to rise. The mother of the gods stole Hades Helm to make us play right into her hands.

Not on my watch and nothing would make me lose Amanda. Not after I lost Shai.

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