Love in the spotlight

The Shana family, home to famous singer Hanna Shana, actor Ittoki Shana, Shougo of the new hit band "Big Bang <3", a hit producer Laiya Shana, and... a 17 year old boy who wishes his parents would let him live a normal, average life as a backstage guy, part of the business but never noticed. Of course, his whole family refuses to let him do such a thing. He's average, with an un-average family. When his parents force this shut-in otaku to preform, will he find joy in the business? or maybe...unexpected love?


1. chapter 1

Haruka's my name. Editing's my game. It's not much of a lifestyle, sitting in my room when I'm not at college preparatory school here in Hokkiado. Of course, it's not like there's anywhere else I could go. I have only 1 real friend who is always studying, all my other 'friends' only want to be my friend due to situation. I live on the outskirts of Hokkaido, not a hustling place, but it was either here or Tokyo and my parents thought less people would notice us here. Yeah right, we live in a 12 story mansion, someone's going to notice that wherever you go. But I will admit, very few people seem to notice us when we go out (which doesn't happen often). My mom is a famous singer and actor, my dad a big actor, my oldest brother (by 9 years) is a hit director-producer, and my Onii-chan , who is older than me by 4 years, is a singer in this hit band "Big_Bang<3" . I'm really the normal one out of us all, yet I'm still treated like a big baka just because I don't want to become an Idol like my Onii-chan and dad and mom. Even my grandparents were in show-biz, until they decided to retire and move to America to get a taste of the culture over there. So, here I am, 17 year old Haruka who just wants to live a normal life, holed up in his room with his Shingeki No Kyojin and Lala-lulu, doing the CGI for some sci-fi movie. But, when you have a family like I do, you never get that choice in life. I sighed as I got up out of bed, looking around at my normal-sized bedroom, which I opted to have out of the 25 larger rooms I could have had, but did accept the ajoined bathroom, full sized with a heavenly shower and bath. I groggily stepped over the piles of manga and anime-dvd cases as I walked to the bathroom, grabbing jeans and a t-shirt before stepping in the white tiled room. I turned on the water and waited for it to heat up. I glanced in the mirror, wondering what color of contacts I should wear today. Ever since I was young, I've always had odd colored eyes, a pink-ish purple at the top, which slowly fades into a light green. I decided I would wear brown today. I noticed the steam forming around and stripped, stepping into the warm shower, wondering what I would do today, being as I had no school. I washed up then just stood there in the shower for a while. My parents would probably drag me to another one of their commercials today, trying to get me interested in show biz.

"Haru-chaaaan~ Where are youuuuuu~" A trying-to-sound-adorable-even-though-I'm-a-male voice sang out to me. I smiled.

"I'm righ-" I started.

"Ohh here you are!!" He swung open the door to the bathroom, looking directly at me in the shower.

"Haru-chaaaan~ I missed you! Come give Onii-chan a huuuuggg~~~" He yelled as he grabbed me out of the shower, pulling me into his embrace. Ever since I was young, Shougo had always been okay with this stuff, I on the other hand...


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