What if you met Harry Styles? Would you fall in love or would your dreams be crushed?


1. Allie

My friend Sydney & I watched One Direction interviews all day today. You could say I'm a fan but not crazy like some others are. I'm a youtuber & post some videos of me singing just for the fun of it. I've had just a little over half a million views which made me so happy. After watching the interviews, I scrolled through the comments on my most recent video of me singing "Night Changes." One comment caught my eye... Lou Teasdale commented. There's no way. I hopped up from my couch & started laughing uncontrollably. "What's wrong? Sydney asked me. "Lou Teasdale seriously just commented on one of my videos! Look!" Sydney opened up my phone & scrolled through the comments. "no way" she said, smiling. "I freaked out, trying to keep calm. Lou said "wow amazing singing... I'll show the boys call me anytime xx -Lou." "I can't believe this" I said to Syd. "Text her or call her!" I began to dial her number into my contacts... Lou Teasdale's number.

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