Stars Cant Shine Without Darkness

Skylar and Luke are back, and ready for their family. THIRD BOOK TO EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON


31. We're just crazy

Liz's POV

"So, you have an interview today?" Dylan asked. "Yeah. With my mum and dad. Ashton, Silvia, you. Jake." I said. Oh awesome... Wait. Me?" He asked. I giggled. "Yeah, you're coming to the interview. Sitting with me." I said.


"Please welcome out, Luke Hemmings, Skylar Williams, Liz Williams-Hemmings, Ashton Williams-Hemmings, Jake Hemmings, Liz's boyfriend, Dylan, Ashton's girlfriend, Silver." The talk show host said. We all walked out. I was holding Jake, and holding Dylan's hand. "Just relax." I whispered. Dylan nodded.

"Welcome, welcome." Helena, the host said. We all smiled. "Lovely to meet you two." She said, referring to Silver and Dylan.

"So, how did you two meet these lovely people?" She asked. "Dylan and I met at Starbucks. He came up to me and told me Jake looked adorable, and we just connected, and he got along with Jake." I replied. "Adorable." She said. "Our story is a little... Weird, I guess." Ashton said. "Do tell." She said. Silver put her head down.

"We were friends at first, then, I found her boyfriend yelling at her, so I beat him up, more like he beat me up. She helped me clean up my face, and I told her how beautiful she is, and we played twenty questions in my dorm. And that's pretty much how we met." He said. Silver was blushing really badly, she was sitting next to me, so I reached over and took her hand in mine. She smiled at me, and played with my hair.

"So, how long have ya'll been dating?" She asked. "Dylan and I have been Together for about... Two month. Two months is just about coming up." I said. "Congratulations." She said. "Thank you." I replied.

"How about you two?" She asked. "Just about five months. Maybe almost six." Ashton said. "Babe, it's seven months." Silver said, laughing. Ashton gave her his funny look, and kissed her temple.

"So, do ya'll get along well? Or is there tension?" She asked. "Liz and I actually got along pretty well when I first met her, which was actually about two days into our relationship. But now, we're like sisters. When we're here, we do everything together." Silver said. The audience awed.

"Well, it took a while for Ashton's approval. The first day I met him, I was very nervous. But after he asked me hundreds of questions, he liked me. I wouldn't say we're like brothers or anything, but, we're friends." Dylan said. I smiled.

"So, mom and dad, what do you think of Silver and Dylan?" Helena asked. Mum giggled. "I love them. They're respectful, nice, loving, children." Mum said. "Dad?" She asked. "Silver is a lovely girl. I like her. Dylan... I had to go a little hard on him, since he's my first daughter's boyfriend." He replied. I rolled my eyes.

"Do you have any funny stories about your relationships? Or any funny... Things that were said?" She asked. Silver started laughing hysterically. "We have one." Ashton said, his face was beat red.

"My mom called me before spring break, and we talked about Sil. And of course, being the person she is, asked if we had sexual encounters. I told her yes." He said. Silver dropped her head. "A few times, actually." He said. "Okay, they get it. We had sex." Silver said. Ashton laughed.

"So, my mom called me, asked if we had sex, I said yes. The person she is, goes, is she pregnant? And I said no. She then said, are her eggs fertilized? And I said, no mom, her eggs are not fertilized. And Sil walked in, her eyes got so wide. Then! She goes, are you using condoms? Please tell me you are. Or birth control. Something. And to answer your question, yes, we are using protection." He said.

"Momma." Jake said. "Momma." He said again. "I'm sorry." I said, turning jake around to me. "Siva." He said. "Siva mommy. Siva." He said. "I guess he wants Silver." I said. Silver laughed, and took him.

"How old is he now?" Helena asked. "He's just about one. Eleven months." I replied. "He is so cute." She said. "Thank you." I replied. "So, who's the father? Is he in his life?" She asked. The whole family knows who the father is, so does Silver and Dylan. They all looked at me. "His father is in his life when he can be. But we decided to keep the father a secret." I replied.

"His eyes are gorgeous." She said. "They are. He has his father's eyes." I said. "We have some personal questions for ya'll. shall we get to them?" She asked. "Sure." We all replied.

"Skylar, are you having a boy or girl?" She asked. "A girl." She replied. "Liz, is it possible for you two have another baby?" She asked. I looked at Dylan. "Maybe. Depends." I replied. Dylan shook his head and kissed my nose.

Fifteen questions later, it was the final question. "Liz. Is it true Ashton Irwin is your baby daddy?" She asked. They all looked at me. "Dada!" Jake yelled. I shook my head. "Dada's not here. Dada's in college." I said, referring to Jake, my ex boyfriend.

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