Stars Cant Shine Without Darkness

Skylar and Luke are back, and ready for their family. THIRD BOOK TO EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON


10. Wedding

Michael's POV

"Dude you're so nervous!" Luke yelled. "Yes! I am aware! I think the red from my hair is dripping down my face!" I yelled. "Calm down bro." Luke said. "You got married once before. You know what it's like. I have no idea." I said. "Um. Dad. Aunt Ky is literally flipping out." Liz said walking into the room, seeing me in nothing but my underwear. "Oh! Gross! Uncle Mikey! Put pants on!" She yelled covering her eyes. I laughed. "Oh come on! I've seen you when you were little. Why cant you see me?" I asked laughing. "Because you are old!" She yelled. Luke laughed. "Come on. I'll help her calm her down." Luke said walking in front of Liz. "Watch out for that..." I said, as Liz bumped into a wall. "Wall." I finished.

Skylar's POV

"Kylie, you look amazing." I said. "You think?" She asked. "Way better than me on my wedding day." I said laughing. She laughed. "At least you're not pregnant on your wedding day." I said laughing. She looked to the ground. "You're not pregnant on your wedding day right?" I asked. "Well-" "Kylie! Why didn't you tell me!" I yelled. "No one knows. Not even Michael. I don't want him to leave me." She said. "Honey, that sorry ass ain't leaving you." I said. "How do you know?" She asked. "Because you didn't leave him when he cheated on you, and got another girl pregnant." I said. She nodded.

"We are ready!" I yelled. Everyone stood up. There was Michael's family there, Kylie's family there, of course our family there. And lots of paparazzi.

I came down the aisle first with Luke, he was best man, and I was maid-of-honor. Then Autumn and Calum, then Ashton and Lolly, then Violet and Lilly, Lucas and Zoe then Ashton and Liz. They looked so cute. Ashton has actually been like a father to Liz. Helping her with the pregnancy, beating anyone up who gets in her way, sticking up for her, it's the son I always wanted.

Kylie came down the aisle, looking amazing. Her dress was a mermaid dress, and her vail was over her face. Her family is big on covering up, so she had a jacket around her shoulders, and a long train in the back. The middle part of the dress was sheer, so it showed her tattoo.

When she got to Michael, she was crying. Michael couldn't stop smiling. He was so happy. She brings out the best in him. "Do you, Kylie Ann-Marie Castello, take Michael Gordon Clifford to be your husband." The priest said. "I do." Kylie said. "Michael Gordon Clifford, do you take Kylie Ann-Marie Castello to be your wife." He said. "I do." Michael replied. "You may kiss the bride." He said. Michael kissed Kylie, and they left to take pictures.

Kylie's POV

Should I tell him? Should I tell him im pregnant on our wedding day? It would be a good surprise. I think I'll tell him. "Michael." I said. He turned to me and smile. "I have to tell you something." I said. He could tell it was serious, because he just looked me in the eyes. "I'm pregnant." I said. He smiled, and kissed me. "This is amazing news!" He yelled, I laughed.

"May I have this dance?" Michael asked me. "Yes you may." I replied, taking his hand. "Did I ever tell you how amazing you are?" He asked. "No. I don't think you did." I replied. "You are the most perfect person in the world, you are so amazing. And I love you." He said. I smiled.

Ashton's POV

"Ashton, see that girl over there?" My mom asked. I looked around and nodded. "Shes but sitting there. Go ask her to dance." She said. I sighed, and got up.

"Um. Hey." I said to the girl. "Hey." She replied. "Are you related to Kylie?" I asked. "Oh. Uh. No. My sister is best friends with her." She replied. "I'm Ashton." I said. "I know. Kylie showed me pictures and told me all about you." She said. "Oh. Sorry, sometimes I can talk a lot. I'm Olivia." She said. "So are you related to Kylie?" Olivia asked. "Shes best friends with my mom, and now she married my uncle." I replied. "Your uncle is Michael Clifford!?" She asked. I nodded. "And my dad is Luke Hemmings." I replied. She was kind of pretty. Redish blonde hair, tall, she wasn't skinny, but she wasn't fat either. She had blue eyes, just like me.

"Well, would you like to dance?" I asked. "Sure." Olivia replied getting up. We went onto the dance floor, next to Liz and some boy. "See that kid over there." Olivia said. I nodded. "He's my brother." She said. "The girl he's dancing with." I said. "Shes my sister." I replied. She smiled.

Kylie's POV

When I looked out on the dance floor, I saw Ashton dancing with my best friends sister. She is known for playing guys. Ashton will not get his heart broken. Again.

They leaned in for a kiss, but I stepped in the middle. "Ashton." I said. "Aunt ky!" He yelled. "Liv, your sister needs you." I said. She nodded. "Ow!" Someone said behind me. I turned around and saw Liz on the floor.

Ashton's POV

I ran over to Liz. "Liz! Are you okay? What's wrong?" I asked. "Whoops. I must have kicked her." The boy she was dancing with. I could see the pain, and the hurt inside Liz's eyes, that made me flip. "Did he kick you on purpose?" I asked. She just looked at me. "Liz." I said. She looked into my eyes, and I knew she was saying yes. "May I?" I asked aunt ky. She nodded.

Sorry, I know it took me so long to write this chapter. But, I finally finished it! Yay! It's a long one. I think.

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