Stars Cant Shine Without Darkness

Skylar and Luke are back, and ready for their family. THIRD BOOK TO EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON


38. Trying

Skylar's POV

I walked up the stairs angrily. He just let that girl go. Ashton, just let Silver walk out. Not in my house. That does not happen in my house. "Sky, what are you doing?" Luke asked, holding the baby. "Don't get into their mess, sky." He said. I shook my head. "The last time you got into someone's mess, you ended up kissing them." Luke said. "Okay, well, I was like nineteen. And I felt bad for Calum and Autumn. And we kissed. I'm not going to kiss my own son." I said, walking away.

"What the hell is wrong with you." I said, walking into Ashton's room. "You let that girl go. Who is currently carrying your baby." I said. "Mom, please. Not now." Ashton said, sighing. "No Ashton. Now. It's okay to get jealous. But it's not okay to say things, and do things to her. Especially when her emotions aren't the best right now. She's pregnant, Ash." I said. "Alright. I know! I get it!" He yelled.

Silver's POV

Sam isn't talking to me, after I told him about the baby. It's literally been three days. I know Ashton is just giving me time, and I respect that. But, I miss him. He might have done things, but we should have talked it out, not fight. "Sam." I said, knocking on his bedroom door. He opened it, and I saw a girl in the bed. "Well, I think I'm going to go back to Ashton's house." I said. "Whatever." He said. I sighed, and closed the door.


Ashton's POV

"Uncle Ashy!" Jake yelled. I picked him up, and the door opened. Silver walked in, clutching her suitcase, and her bag. "Aunt Siva!" Jake yelled. Silver giggled, and took Jake from me. "Listen, I'm sorry about leaving." She said, rocking Jake back and fourth. "No, I should be sorry. I said things I shouldn't have said. And... I'm sorry for that." I replied. She smiled.

"Aunt Siva!" Jake yelled. She laughed, and kissed his head. "Play?" He asked. She sighed. "I really need a shower." Silver said, sitting on the floor. "Go ahead, I'll keep him busy." I said. She smiled.

Silver's POV

I heard Ashton talking to Jake, which automatically think about my baby. Our baby. He will be so good with him/her. "Hey honey." Mrs Williams said. "Oh, hi." I replied. "How's the baby?" She asked. "It's um, good." I replied.

"What's wrong?" She asked, sitting next to me. "I don't know." I replied. "You can talk to me. I was once in your position." She said. I nodded. "Tell me, what's wrong." She said. I sighed. "Just scared. Nervous. Worried." I said. she laughed. "That was me with Ashton." She said.

She took my hand in hers. "Silver, you're going to be happy with your baby. I promise. Nine months... Hell. First few weeks. Hell. First few years. Hell. But it's all worth it." She said. "Thanks for the motivation." I said. She laughed. "Just don't waist your life, baby. You're young and beautiful." She said. I nodded.


Liz's POV

"I wish we could stay like this." I said, snuggling into Dylan's chest. "I know. I wish." He replied, kissing my head. "I should probably get going." I said, moving out of his bed. He whined, and pulled me back down. "Dyl, I need to take care of Jake." I said. He sighed.

"What?" I asked. "Nothing." He replied. "No, tell me. You sighed, now tell me." I said. "It's all jake." He said. "Excuse me?" I asked. "Your whole life revolves around Jake. When your mom, dad, brother, his girlfriend, Jake's father, are all around." He said. "Oh, I'm sorry I'm a mother." I said, getting up.

"Liz." He said. "Liz! Would you just stop!" He yelled. "No! Im sorry I'm a mother! I'm sorry I have a family." I said, putting my shirt on. "Liz, please, im sorry." He said. I shook my head.

"I just want my kids to have a dad. That's there." I said. "And I will. I'll be there." He said, going back to sit on the bed. But he stopped. "Wait. Did you say, kids?" He asked.

"Dylan, I-I'm pregnant."

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