Stars Cant Shine Without Darkness

Skylar and Luke are back, and ready for their family. THIRD BOOK TO EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON


13. The Bigger Problem

Liz's POV

"Mom!" I yelled. "What's wrong!" She yelled back. "Help!" I yelled. She came running upstairs. "Liz, what's wrong?" Ashton asked. "Mom." I said rocking back and fourth. "Ashton call your father. Tell him we are taking Liz to the hospital." Mom said. "Come on." She said picking me up.

Skylar's POV

By the time we got to the hospital, there were paparazzi there. "Skylar! What happened!" Someone yelled. It was a nurse that I knew. "I don't know! She was yelling for help." I replied. "Come on baby." I said. "Just keep your head down baby. Keep it down." I said. Liz kept her head down, and walked through a crowd. "Where's... Daddy?" She asked. "He's coming. He's on his way baby. We are almost in." I said.

"I have a room already, with no windows." A nurse said. "Thank you." I replied. "Lay down honey." I said. Liz laid down, and started crying. "It's alright. It's alright." I said.

"Ms. Hemmings." A doctor came in saying. "So, we ran some tests, the reason for your pain, wasn't the baby." He said. "What was it?" I asked. "We don't think it's related to the baby at all." He said. "Sorry I'm late." Luke said.

"So, is there any diseases in the family?" He asked. "My son has severe asthma, and my father has diabetes." I replied. "That wouldn't do it." He replied. "Does her aunts or uncles have any diseases?" He asked. "Her uncle had pancreatitis." I replied. The doctor nodded. "That would do it. Did you have any sexual contact with him?" The doctor asked. "No." I replied.

"Ms. Hemmings, did you come in sexual contact with... What's his name?" The doctor asked. "Ashton Irwin." I replied. "Did you come in sexual contact with Ashton Irwin?" The doctor asked. "Um." Liz said. "Elizabeth!" I yelled.

"You need to stay down here, Luke go get Ashton." I said. "Why would you have your uncle get you pregnant!" I yelled. "He agreed to it to!" She yelled. "Sky what's wrong?" Ashton asked. "You for my daughter pregnant!" I yelled. "Does lolly know!" I yelled. "Skylar-" "don't! You got your niece pregnant, and my daughter pregnant. I thought jake got her pregnant!" I yelled. "Mom. Please calm down." Liz said. "No! I will not!" I yelled. "Sky! Sky! Calm down. Calm." Luke said. I was breathing heavy, and shaking.

"I'm better. I'm better." I said. Luke nodded. "I know you're upset, but you could've put you and Liz in danger." Luke said. I nodded. "Sky, admit that you still have your anger issues." He said. "No! I don't have them anymore!" I yelled. Luke looked at me. "Fine! I do!" I said. Luke hugged me. "Liz is fine. Ashton is a good father, you and I both know that. Just think jake did get her pregnant." Luke said. I nodded.

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