Stars Cant Shine Without Darkness

Skylar and Luke are back, and ready for their family. THIRD BOOK TO EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON


11. Talk

Ashton's POV

There was a knock on the door. "I got it!" I yelled. I opened the door, seeing Olivia, Kendall, and Jack. Kendall is Aunt Kylie's best friend, and Jack is the asshole who kicked Liz to the ground.

"Hey Olivia." I said. "Hi Ashton." She replied. Jack just walked in, without saying anything. "Kendall, my aunt is upstairs. I think shes helping out Uncle Cal with the twins." I said. "Thanks kid." She replied. I really hate when she calls me kid. Ever since we moved here, she called me kid. It's like she doesn't even know my name.

Liz came down the stairs, in a crop top, and I think the girls call them high waisted shorts? But, anyway, she just like came down the stairs. I mean, shes pregnant, and she wears crop tops and shorts.

"Where you going?" I asked. "I have a date." She replied. "With who?" I asked. "His name is Kyle." She replied. "And do I need to beat this Kyle kid up?" I asked. "No!" She yelled. I laughed. "Have fun." I said. "I will!" She yelled. "If anything goes wrong, call me!" I yelled. "I will!" She yelled back,closing the door.

"Damn. Your sister is hotter in those clothes than in that dress." Jack said. I turned to him. "Don't talk about my sister that way." I snapped. "It's true. Shes like a juicy steak, that's just waiting to be cooked, and tossed over." Jack said. I walked over to him, and picked him up, and threw him against the wall. "Don't you ever talk about my sister like that again!" I yelled.

Okay, I'm a bit over protective, but Liz is my sister, and she really does mean the world to me. "You're so god damn protective." He said. "Are you looking for a fight!" I yelled. He shrugged. "Word round town, shes prego with your best friends baby." He said. "Whore." He said. That was it.

I took a step back, and punched him right in the face. "Don't. Ever. Talk. About. My. Sister. That. Way!" I screamed.

Calum's POV

I heard screaming from downstairs. I could only catch parts of it. "My sister again!" What sounded like Ashton said. "Stop Ashton!" A girl yelled. "...You don't know!" Ashton yelled. I decided it was time to see what was going on.

I walked downstairs, and saw Ashton punching Jack in the face. I ran over to them, and pulled Ashton off. He had a bloody nose and a black eye. "Who started this!" I yelled. "He did!" Ashton yelled. Ashton's hands and face were full of blood, and so was a little part of the floor.

"Ashton, go get cleaned up before your mother comes home, seeing you all bloody like this. You know how she gets, and what happens." I said. He nodded and went into the bathroom.

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