Stars Cant Shine Without Darkness

Skylar and Luke are back, and ready for their family. THIRD BOOK TO EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON


8. Sweet 16

Liz's POV

"I can't wait to dance with you Ashton!" I yelled. "Shut up!" He yelled back. "If you're anything like dad, I'm screwed." I said. He rolled his eyes. "What about your Uncle Hazza?!" Someone said behind me. "Uncle Hazza!" I yelled running to him. "Your mum went out shopping, so it's just us, your dad, and you uncles." He said. I smiled. "I can't get over how much you look like your mother." He said. I smiled.

Ashton's POV

"Jake! Pay attention!" I yelled. "Oh. Yea. Sorry." He said. "Okay, so for tonight, we need some fast songs, and slow songs." I said. My band nodded. "Jake, what do you think about my dress?" Liz asked walking out. It was pink with glitter all over it. Short, and strapless. Ashton! You're a boy! "Wow." Is all jake could say. She smiled. "Alright! Liz goodbye!" I yelled. She gave me the finger and left.

Skylar's POV

"Now everyone! We would like to introduce the queen of the night! Elizabeth Marie Hemmings-Williams!" A DJ yelled into the microphone. I smiled. "We have a special dance for Elizabeth. With her brother, Ashton." The DJ said. Ashton came out in a tux, and his blonde hair quiffed. "You did his hair didn't you." I said to Luke. "Oh yeah!" He replied. I laughed.

Liz's POV

"You look good tonight Liz." Ashton said. I smiled. "So do you." I replied. "There's something I need to tell you." He said. "Tell me." I replied. "It's about jake." He said. I nodded. "He's cheating on you." He said. I stopped dancing, and stood there. "How dare you!" I yelled. My mom came running up to us. "If you don't believe me, look in the corner." Ashton said. I looked over into a corner, to see Jake kissing another girl. "Mom." I said crying. "Ashton, get people dancing." She said. "Come on baby." She said holding me.

"He- he cheated on me." I said. "I know baby. I know." My mom replied. "How could he. He said he loved me." I said. "Honey, boys are dumbasses, but don't let him ruin your night." She said.

Skylar's POV

There was a knock on the door. "Jake." I said. "Mrs. Hemmings. Please I-" "now is not a good time jake." I said. "Mom let him in." Liz said. I opened the door wider. "Liz-" "mom. Can you leave us alone for a little?" Liz asked. I nodded.

Many of you won't like this part! If you don't like it, then don't read it.

Liz's POV

I smacked him across the face. "Alright. I deserved that." He said. "You think!" I yelled. "I know what I did was wrong, but please give me another chance." He said. "No. I don't give second chances jake. I guess our baby will grow up without a father!" I yelled. His jaw dropped. "B-baby." He said. I nodded. "I'm pregnant jake. With your baby." I said. "Why didn't you tell me! That would've changed a lot of things!" He yelled. "Oh! So now that I'm pregnant, you wouldn't have cheated!" I yelled. "Pretty much." He replied. "You asshole!" I yelled. "Baby please-" "go." I said. "What." He replied. "Jake! Go! I never want to see you again!" I yelled.

Michael's POV

Liz came out of the back room, and took me by the hand. "Small fry what's wrong?" I asked. "Just jake." She replied. I nodded. "Mom told me. You okay?" I replied. She shook her head. "Oh honey, it will be okay." I said. "No it won't be." She replied. "Enjoy the night Liz. Your mother didn't get one of these." I said. She nodded.

Liz's POV

It actually ended up to be an amazing night. I dance with uncle ash, uncle Hazza, Uncle Liam, Uncle Mikey, uncle Cal, uncle Niall, uncle Zayn, uncle Lou, Ashton, Lucas, and my dad. It was probably the best night ever.

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