Stars Cant Shine Without Darkness

Skylar and Luke are back, and ready for their family. THIRD BOOK TO EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON


27. Spring Break

More of Ashton's POV

Ashton's POV

"Yes mum, I know. I know, we will be there soon. Yes, we are still together." I said into the phone. Silvia walked into my dorm, with a suitcase. What! No mum, no, she is not pregnant." I said. Silvia's eyes widened. "Her eggs are not fertilized mum." I said. "Oh my god! Mum! Yes we are using protection!" I yelled. Silvia laughed. "Yeah, yeah, okay mum, I have to go." I said.

"Ready?" I asked Silvia. She was coming to Australia with me for spring break. Since we're off for two weeks, she's spending a week in Australia, and then coming back here, to see her sisters. "Yeah, I'm so nervous." She said. "Why?" I asked. "Are you kidding me! I'm going to Australia with my boyfriend, to meet his family." She said. "Baby, my family will love you. Don't worry." I said.


We were on the plane, when a news channel came on. Of course, it's for a magazine. And of course, it's about me. "Ashton Williams-Hemmings is coming home for Spring Break this week. Our people had an exclusive interview with Liz Williams-Hemmings, daughter of, Luke and Skylar Hemmings.

"Are you excited for ashton to come home?"

"Very excited."

"Is there anyone special in his life?"

"He has a girlfriend, yes."


"It's not my place to say, because I don know if he wants to go public, or let people know who she is, but, I can tell you, they met at college, and she is a very nice girl."

"Is there someone special in your life?"

"No, unfortunately. But, I'll find someone one day."

"Is this your son?"

"Yep, that's little Jakey."

"Details on him?"

"Um, he's about one, he talks, a lot. And, he is my pride."

"Who's the father?"

"Oh, uh, um..."

"Don't give it liz. Don't give it." I said.

"His father, he, um, isn't in his life. We broke up when I told him I was pregnant."

I smiled to myself.

"So, who mainly helps out with the baby?"

"My family. My mum, my dad, my uncles, my aunts, my cousins. But, it's mainly my mum and dad. But, it's been more my uncle Ash, he takes the baby on the weekends, so I can relax, and sleep."


I know you all won't like this part!! But, but, before you get mad, just, keep reading, please. You'll find out why I did what I did.


"Ashton!" My mum yelled, as we entered the house. "Wow! Mum! Didn't expect this." I said, pointing to her stomach. "All my babies are leaving me. I need my babies here with me, so, I got my baby here." She said, resting a hand on her stomach. "What number kid is this? Five?" I asked, with a laugh.

"Is that... Ashton!" Zoe yelled, running into my arms. "Hey Zo. I see you missed me." I said, hugging her back. "Where is she? Where is that bitch!" Liz yelled, running down the stairs. "Hide me!" Zoe yelled, running behind me. "Zoe! You woke up Jake! I finally got him to sleep, after the screaming of wanting Uncle Ashy!" Liz yelled.

Liz ran into my arms, and hugged me tightly. "Where's Lucas?" I asked. "Outside with grandpa." Liz replied. All my family's eyes shot towards the door. I smiled, and walked over to Silvia. "Mum, dad, uncle Ash, aunt lol, uncle cal, aunt Aut, uncle mikey, aunt ky, this is Silvia." I said. "It's amazing to finally meet you, Silvia. Ashton told us so much about you." Mum said, hugging her.


"Welcome to my old room." I said, opening my bedroom door. "Awe. You were such a kid." Silvia said, with a laugh. "But, I love it." She said. I pulled her into me by her belt loop on her jeans. I started to unbutton her jeans, when her hands caught mine. "No." She said. "Baby..." "No, ashton." She said. "Why?" I asked. "Because... I'm a little... Not... Good this week." She said. "Huh?" I asked. "You live with a girl, and you don't know what I'm talking about." She said. "Uh. Oh! Oh." I said. "Well, if I wake up with a blood stain on my bed, I know it's not from me." I said. "Asshole." She said. "Sexy." I replied. She laughed.


"Wow, mrs. Hemmings, this is amazing." Silvia said. "Oh, wow, thank you dear." Mum replied. "Now I see where ashton gets his cooking from." She said. "Oh, that's not from me. That's from his Uncle Hazza. They used to cook together. Ashton in his little 5sos briefs, and his uncle in his 1D briefs." Mum replied. I chocked on my drink.

"What don't i know about Ashton Williams?" Silvia asked, as we sat on the couch with my family. "Well..." "Sorry we're late! Perrie held us up!" Uncle Zayn yelled, walking in the front door. "Uncle zayn!" Zoe yelled, hugging him. "Uncle Hazza!" Liz yelled. "Uncle Liam!" Violet yelled. "Uncle Lou!" Lucas yelled. "Where's my boy!" Uncle Niall yelled. "Uncle Niall!" I yelled, running to him.

"We were just about to tell Silvia, here, what she doesn't know about ashton." Mum said, sitting down slowly. Dad helped her. I still can't believe she is pregnant. Again! Well, dad did always say he wanted lots of kids. But I didn't think this many.

"So, did you know ashton used to play baseball when he was little? His first game... His father didn't show up." Mum said. I coughed awkwardly. I see they're still fighting. "Oh, and he has severe asthma." Mum said. "Speaking of asthma, ashton, honey, have you been watching that? I don't want you to have an asthma attack." Mum said. "Yes mum, every day. Especially during gym." I replied. "But, the one time during gym, you forgot to take your inhaler, babe, and you passed out. Jake and Henry had to take you to the nurse." Silvia said. "Yes. Thank you, Silvia." I said. "Sorry." She replied. "You didn't take your inhaler! Ashton!" Mum yelled. "Calm down. I didn't have an attack." I replied. She sighed.

"Your parents are lovely." Silvia said. I smiled. "Until they fight." I replied. "They fight?" She asked. I nodded. "All the time. The littlest things too." I replied. She looked to the floor. I pulled her by her belt loop, and kissed her. "I'm gonna have some fun tonight." I said. She hit my chest, and then, we got to business.



I watched as Silvia slept. She was so peaceful. "Morning." She said, with a smile. "Good morning." I replied. "Mhm. I'm hungry." She said. I laughed. "Come on then. I'm sure Liz is awake." I said, getting up. I got my boxers on, and she got on one of my shirts. "Ready?" I asked. She nodded. "How's the... thing?" I asked. "It's gone." She replied. "Good." I said.

"Good morning." Liz said, sipping her coffee. "Hey little man." I said, picking Jake out of his high chair. "How'd you sleep?" Liz asked Silvia. "Great. You?" She replied. "Barely slept. Jake kept me up all night." Liz replied. "Now you know how I felt when you were born." I said. "Oh please, you were what, like one." Liz replied. "Still, you kept me up." I said. She rolled her eyes. "See what I have to deal with." She whispered. "I can hear you, you know." I said. "That's the point." She said. I rolled my eyes, and smiled at Jake. He just laughed. "I'll feed him?" I asked. "Please." Liz replied.

As I fed Jake, I heard yelling. "How the hell is it my fault!" Mum yelled. "Because it's always your fault, Sky!" Dad yelled. "No! It's always your fault! Everything is your fault! Since we fucking met! And I'm tired of it!" Mum screamed. "Your such a fucking bitch!" Dad yelled. "Get out!" Mum yelled. Liz's jaw dropped. "Out, Luke! Now! I'm done!" She yelled. "No, it's either you go, or I will!" Mum yelled. "I'm making you choose!" She yelled. "No! Fine. You won't go! I will! Have a nice life!" She yelled. I heard running down the stairs. I ran to the door. "Mum." I said. "Not now." She snapped. "Mum, hey, mum." I said, grabbing her shoulders. Mum looked into my eyes, and she instantly started crying. "Okay. Okay. It's okay." I said, hugging her.

"Dad." I said, walking into his room. "Ashton." He said. "What did you do to mum?" I asked. "Me? I did nothing." He said. "Dad, she's falling apart. She's crying on the couch. Into Liz's shoulder." I said. He sighed. "Fix it." I said. He nodded. "Now, dad." I said. He nodded.

"Wanna go out?" I asked Silvia. "Now? Your mom's in a state where she can't process anything." She replied. "I know. I figured you might want to go out, since you just witnessed that." I said. "It's fine." She replied. "Alright." I replied. "You really love your family, don't you." She said. I nodded. "That's really sweet. I like a man who loves his family." She said. I smiled. "They always come first. I'd drop everything for them. I'd risk my life for them." I said. She smiled. "So, listen, I know we practically just started dating, but did you ever think about going public?" I asked. "I gave it some thought." She replied. "And?" I asked. "I think I like it." She replied. "I have an interview today with Liz. I can say I have a girlfriend named Silvia. And she's beautiful. Sweet. Adorable. Sexy. Hot. An animal in bed..." I said. She hit my chest. "Sorry, sorry." I said. She laughed.


"I'll be done soon." I said, kissing Silvia on the head. She nodded. "Good luck." She said. I smiled, and ran out.

"Today we have two special guests. Children of Skylar Williams and Luke Hemmings, please welcome, Ashton and Liz Williams-Hemmings." The host said. Liz and I walked out, waving to the audience. I smiled at how many fans were there. "Hello." She said. "Hi." Liz said. "How are you both?" She asked. "Great. How are you?" I asked. "I'm great. Great. So, so, um, I hear, Liz, you sing now?" She asked. "I do. I do." Liz replied. "And Ashton, you are in a band, right?" She asked. "Yes. And I'm in college. Freshman." I said. "Wow. How do you manage a band, college, and your life?" She asked. "All I can really do, is pray for the best. I mean, it's hard getting around campus sometimes. And it's hard managing my life, but I'm doing it." I replied. She nodded.

"Relationship status?" She asked. "Single." Liz said. I heard some whistles. "Watch it." I said, pointing to the crowd, and they laughed. "Ashton, what about you?" She asked. I remembered Silvia telling me she wants to go public. "Taken." I said. "Details!" She yelled. "We just decided to go public, so this is the first time we are actually announcing to the world. So, her name is Silvia. We met in college. Actually, I beat up her ex boyfriend, and that's how we became close. Liz and her get along well." I said. "How does she take the fame? Well, for you?" She asked. "She's pretty chill about it. She's great at it actually. She's just an amazing person. She doesn't judge me by my huge, and chaotic family." I said. "Sounds like a keeper." She said. I nodded. "Definitely." I replied.

"So, Liz, how's your son?" She asked. "He's a little terror." I said. The crowd laughed. "He seriously is. He pulled my hair, and took my clothes out of my suitcase. He messed up my old room. He's a terror." I said. Liz laughed. "He is a terror." She said. "Is he walking?" The host asked. "We've been trying. But, he just won't walk. I don't know why. But, he just won't. My mum said Ashton and I were like that too, but, he just won't do it." She said. "I'll get him to do it. He loves his Uncle Ashy." I said. "You wish. He likes Uncle Lukey better." Liz said. "No, Lucas is your favorite brother." I said with a laugh. "And Zoe is your favorite sister." She said. "And Uncle Ash is your favorite uncle." I said. "Eh. Uncle Haz is better." She said. I laughed.


"Ashton is this your girlfriend!"

"Ashton, over here!"

"Ashton! Liz!"

"Liz, is it true Ashton Irwin is your baby's father!"

Liz froze. She looked at me. "No, Liz. Don't." I said, pulling her along with me. "Ashton. How the hell did they find out?" She asked. "I don't know, but don't worry about it. So what if people find out. It's your life. And Aunt Lol told him to do it. Not you, not him. But, I'm happy he did, because I have an amazing nephew." I said. She smiled.


Spring Break has been fun. Silvia met my family. We went public. It was amazing. She went to visit her sisters. It truly was a good one. I enjoyed it, a lot. Liz and Silvia have become good friends. It's really nice how they get along. Jake started walking too. He leans against the couch, and walks. It's really good.

"Bye mum." I said over the phone. I just got back to school today, with paparazzi all over me. Literally. I had to protect Silvia today, because she got mobbed. It's crazy, honestly. But, a little attention never really messed with me. Silvia and her roommate got into a fight, so, now she's living with me right now, Liz comes down sometimes, to hang out with Silvia. I truly love Silvia, she's really amazing. She's just... Amazing.

It wasn't supposed to take me that long to write this chapter. But, now that I have my account, I'll be writing more. Well, this week, I might not be writing a lot, since I'm on spring break, and i'm going places. But, comment, and I'll try to answer.



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