Stars Cant Shine Without Darkness

Skylar and Luke are back, and ready for their family. THIRD BOOK TO EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON


30. Protective

Lily's POV

"Sean, please. My cousin won't hurt you. Just come inside." I said. Sean and I are still together. He hasn't looked at one girl since we were together.

As we walked inside, all eyes came to me. "Sorry I'm late." I said, squeezing Sean's hand. "Hi honey, just in time, actually. Silver and Ashton are leaving tomorrow, have a seat." Aunt Sky said. I smiled, and sat down next to Liz and Ashton.

"Well, this isn't awkward at all." I said. "Why would it be?" Uncle Cal asked. "Liz is Sean's ex girlfriend. He dated her, while he dated Silver. And he dated me, while dating both of them." I replied. "And Ashton beat him up. Twice!" I said.

"Momma." Jake said through the baby monitor. "I swear, this child does not sleep." Liz said. "You have a kid?" Sean asked. "Yeah, I do." She replied, walking up the stairs. Well, that was a little rude.

Liz's POV

"Momma." Jake said. "Here I am." I said. He clapped his hands, but looked around. "Dada?" He asked. I shook my head. "No, baby." I replied, picking him up. He instantly started crying. "Shh. Shh. It's okay." I said.

Ashton's POV

"She's a good mother." Silver said. I nodded. "Could've fooled me." Sean mumbled. I looked at him. Lily just laughed. No one else did anything. "Wanna say that again?" I asked. "Ashton." Lily said. "No, no, say it again." I said. He didn't say anything.


Liz's POV

"Wow, Dylan this is amazing." I said, as I got out of the car. We're going on a double date with Ashton and Silver. "I figured it would be nice." Dylan replied, with a smile. "Nice style." Ashton said, patting him on the back.

Dylan intertwined our hands, as we walked down the boardwalk. "Want to watch the sunset?" He asked. I smiled. "Take that as a yes." He replied. I laughed. "Ash, want to come watch the sunset?" I asked. "Sil?" He asked. "Sure." Silvia replied.

"This is beautiful." I said, sitting down on the sand. All you could hear was the waves, and a few people screaming. Dylan sat down on the sand, and I laid my head on his lap. "This is beautiful." I said again. He played with my hair. "It is." He replied.

I looked over at Ashton and Silver, and saw they were in a deep make out session. Ashton was on top of her, and they haven't even came up for a breath. Dylan smirked at me, and I rolled my eyes.

He laid me down, and climbed on me. He connected our lips. He tilted his head to the side to deepen the kiss. He slid his tongue on the bottom of my lip, and I opened my mouth.

"Yo, don't need to have sex." Ashton said. Dylan pulled away, and I laughed. I flipped Ashton off, and he pulled Dylan off of me. "Wanna do that again?" He asked. So, I flipped him off again. He tickled my sides, which made me squirm.


"Have you ever thought about life in the future?" Dylan asked, as we walked along the beach. The water was going over our feet. "I have." I replied, waiting for him to say something. "So have I. And even though we only met a few weeks ago. All I see, is you and jake." He replied. I smiled.

We stopped walking, and he turned to me. "Liz, I am truly in love with you." He said. My heart sped up. "I love you too, Dylan. And, my future, hopefully consists of you." I replied.


"I bet you can't knock down all those." I said, as we stopped at a game. "Oh yeah." Dylan replied. I nodded. "If I win, you get to choose any prize you want." He said. "And if I don't?" He asked. "You don't get any kiss tonight." I said. "Im gonna win." He said. I giggled.

He knocked down all three pins. "Which one you want?" He asked. "Um, the monkey." I replied. He nodded. As he was waiting for the prize, two guys came up to me. Dylan was around the back of the game, so he couldn't see. "What's a girl like you, doing here, alone?" One of them asked. "I'm here with someone." I replied. "Well, you are now, aren't you." The other replied.

One of them, put their hands on my waist. I tried to back away, but they had me cornered. "I suggest, you two bastards leave her alone." Someone said. I looked to the side, and saw Ashton AND Dylan. Their both pretty muscular, and way bigger than the other guys.

The other guys just smirked, and slid his hand up my shirt. "Now that's fucking pushing it." Dylan said, throwing the guy away from me. "Touch her again, I swear!" Dylan yelled. "Dude, she your girl?" The guy asked. "She is hot! Nice body too! I would love to work her out one day." He said. Ashton leaped over to the guy, and punched him right in the face. "Never speak about her that way!" He yelled. I ran to Silver. "You okay?" She asked. I nodded.

"Let's go." Ashton said. Dylan came up to me, and held me close to him. "This is why I love you. Both of you." I said. "We love you too." Dylan replied. "Here's your monkey by the way." He said. I giggled. "Thank you, kind sir." I said. "You're welcome, Princess." He said.

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