Stars Cant Shine Without Darkness

Skylar and Luke are back, and ready for their family. THIRD BOOK TO EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON


48. Nursery

A/N****** This story is coming to an end soon! The next book will be about Ashton and Silvia's life. As well as Liz and Dylan's life. It will be called, Growing Up.

Silver's POV

"Aunt Siva! Can you come to the park?" Jake asked. I sighed. "I can't. Uncle Ashy and I are going out to look for things for you cousin." I said. He frowned. "Can I come?" He asked. "I guess. Let me go get your car seat." I said, walking out of the house. Ashton was a step ahead of me already, because he was outside, getting the car seat in the car. I smiled.

"Alright, let's go." I said, picking up Jake. He smiled, and leaned his head on my shoulder. "Is someone sleepy?" I asked. He nodded his head. "Do you want to sleep in the car?" I asked. He nodded. "Okay." I said, putting him in the car. I buckled him up, and gave him his binky. He smiled, and turned his head.

"Alright." I said. "Ready for some shopping?" Ashton asked. I nodded. "So am I. I never thought I would be buying things for my own kid." Ashton said. I smiled, and took his hand in mine. "We will make it through, right?" I asked. "What do you mean?" He asked. "With money, and school. And housing." I said. "We will be fine. I have money. School, is fine. I can have my parents babysit. And housing. I have an apartment near my parents house." He said. I nodded. "Don't worry about anything. You worry about keeping that baby healthy and safe. I'll worry about everything else." He said. I nodded.


Skylar's POV

"Hi, we're here for a checkup." I said. "Alright, have a seat, the doctor will be with you shortly." The nurse said. I smiled, and sat down. Destiny crawled on the floor, and picked up a block. She held it up to me, and smiled, like a child on Christmas morning. "Is that a block?" I asked. She smiled. "Come here." I said, picking her up, and placing her on my lap. I bounced her on my lap, and she giggled.

"Destiny Hemmings." The nurse said. I smiled, and got up. "Alright, be good for mummy." I whispered, walking into the back. "Room seven. She getting shots today?" The nurse asked. I nodded. "Alright. The doctor will be in shortly." She said. I nodded, and smiled.

The doctor came in shortly, with a tray with three shots on it. "Skylar. Nice to see you again." The doctor said. "You too Heather." I said. "Alright." She said, taking the shot from the tray. Once Destiny saw it, she immediately started screaming. I walked to her, and held her. "Shh. Shh. Mummy's here." I said. "Do it!" I yelled. She put the needle into Destiny, and took it out.

"All done." I said, kissing Destiny's forehead. She sniffled, and leaned her head on my shoulder. "Okay, let's call Ashton." I said, walking out of the doctor's office. She smiled, and played with my keys. "Okay." I said, buckling her into her car seat. She giggled as I shut the door.

"Hey baby." I said, once Ashton answered the phone. "Hey mum." He replied. "How's the shopping going?" I asked. "Good, so far, we got paint, crib, changing table, clothes. Now all we need is... Well, I don't know. Babe, what else do we need?" He replied. "We need to take Jake home." Silver said in the background. "I need to take Destiny home. She got her shots." I said. "Those were the worst for me. Especially for Zoe and Lucas. Speaking of them, mom, where is Zoe?" He asked. "She's staying at Chanele's house for a little." I replied. "Oh. Mom, I gotta go. I'll see you at home." He said. "Okay, love you." I said. "Love you too." He replied, hanging up.

A/N******** So, the book will end with Silvia having the baby. Get ready, it's coming up!!!!

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